Versace’s superwoman

In the last catwalk, Versace showed its army of superwomen. The maison presented a collection where not only the strength of women stood out, but their femininity.

Luxury sportswear was, one again, the main theme and ultra lightwear nylon was the star fabric. Among the different garments, outstood nylon anoraks, asymetric mini dresses, motocross trousers or zip-up sports tops with a retro style.

As color is concerned, green, purple, dark blue and black made their appearence in color-block garments and in chekerboard prints with spots of red and yellow.

Donatella highlited that her challenge for this season was to make unique and luxurious sportswear, what she considers is the future of fashion. Moreover she added that “This is a collection that is all about a woman’s freedom… freedom of activity, freedom to fight for their ideas, freedom to be whomever you want to be.”



1342207976_207590_1342208845_noticia_normal    Gianni Versace was born in 1946 in Calabria; Italy. His mother had a weaving workshop so he and his two brothers, Santo and Donatella, lived around the fashion world since they were young.  After studying Architecture, he moved to Milan in order to follow his dreams, at the edge of 20, after being working with some famous designers, in 1978 he finally decided to open his first boutique in Via della Spiga in Milan with the cooperation of his two brothers. His first collection was in February 1978. He became popular for his glamorous style and the combination of materials and techniques in an innovative way. One example is the use of aluminum, the laser technique and the molten leather and rubber. His name was extended around the world so this made possible to open other shops in Paris, New York and London. In 1982 he designed the famous dress made with wire mesh.


He used to mix different styles, classic features with showy prints and always with a touch of sexy and insolence. He get inspired in different ages; Renaissance, Baroque, Art Deco and Avant-garde. From the excess he made a statement of principles. We can see all this mixes in the logo of the brand where appears Medusa, a goddess of the Greek mythology.  versace-logo

     As other fashion brands did, he decided to open his chip, young and informal brand, Versus. The main lovers of the brand were movie starts and musicians.

In 1994 Hugh Grant went to a red carpet with Liz Hurley, she wore an impressive dress from Versace. In 1997 Gianni Versace was murdered in his house of Miami. Elton John, Lady Di and others attended to the funeral. His fortune and the brand were divided between his two brothers and his niece.

palazzo versace dubai.gif     The brand has different principal lines like Atelier Versace, Versace Dona, Versace Uomo; etc. A part from this, Versace has two luxury hotels called Pallazo Versace; one in Australia and another in Dubai. Nowadays Donatella is the vice chairwoman from the administration board and the creative director. After the death of the designer the brand went through a bad time; in 2004 announced the abandon of the Haute Couture of Paris and closed the shops of Madrid and Barcelona. The 2009 was the worst year for the company, they had to close other stores and lay off some workers. Then, H&M offered a collaboration with the brand; this get out the brand from the dark period. Versace came back to the Haute Couture. Famous people continue wearing nowadays it clothes with a clear intention to reclaim that fashion world does not consist only in one type of clothes; as Gianni said “Good taste does not exist.