To bet for knee high boots

Suede or fur shoes, decorated with belts or with different textures. Adding some cords or a zip. This year shoes are arriving to the autumn/winter season hailing attention. High heels and platforms have been also a must have.


Knee high boots have been the iconic item from each winter season, it has to be said that this kind of boot has never been old-fashioned and it has been sold each year in many colors and designs. We have always wanted one of them, but we didn’t find the right ones. The problems were always the same: they didn’t have enough heel or they didn’t fit well. Finally this year we have bet for Alessandro Simoni’s boots, an Italian designer that sells all his items, specially shoes, in Barcelona. We have taken advantage of an offer and from the 79€ they cost at the beginning, we have paid 59€. It has been an awesome bargain; here you have some pictures. Tell us what do you think! Happy Monday! 🙂




Lace up tops

As we have concern, almost each shop has one top, t-shirt or dress with cords in it necklines, known as lace up tops. It-girls as Chiara Ferragni or Kim Kardashan has shown to us how do they wear it. We have to admit that it’s not as easy as it seems to wear it in a cool way. In our opinion, this garment is a little bit provocative so it’s important to wear it with others garment that don’t stand out and let the neckline show off.


Balmain, Ralph Lauren and House of Holand has bet for this different clothes and has been exposed in their Spring/Summer collections from the past Fashion Weeks.

Zara, H&M, Mango and Asos have their personal clothes; we have bought one black top.


What do you think of this new garment? Do you think it’s too much provocative or it can be wear it in a casual look?


RIHANNAxMANOLO #denimdesserts

As we said in our past article, DENIM is the new must. The new collection launched today by Rihanna, the singer, with the known designer Manolo Blahnik it’s the perfect example. They present a denim high heel collection with six different models. Each model has been made in Italy and are going to be sold on New York, London and Hong Kong stores today. The hashtags from the collaboration are #RihannaxManolo and #DenimDesserts.

The most known shoe from the collection is the thigh-scraping boot with almond toe and stiletto heel finished with embroidered sequin trim and a jewel-buckled waist belt. Rihanna has posted a picture on her Instagram wearing them and there is a video on Manolo Blahnik’s web.


Talking about the models; each one has some characteristic from Rihanna joined with Manolo’s creations and most of all are available in two colours. For example; this ankle boot heel has been made inspired in the iconic Rihanna’s hand tattoo.



And that one has one of the favourite silhouette of Rihanna.



This strappy pump from the high heel Rihanna loves it.



Finally; they have upload in Manolo Blahnik web a video where appears Rihanna talking about the new creation with the designer. And we can find there the sketch from each shoe. We love this collaboration! Do you?


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Dolce&Gabbana made our dreams come true

Dolce&Gabbana is breaking with the style that used to show in it past seasons. We are aware that the past spring/summer 2015 collection and the following spring/summer 2016 and autumn/winter 2016 collection has been inspired with the pro pious style of its beginnings. We have to say that for us has been a shocking change but we prefer the looks from the “new” brand.  It reached the maxium splendour in the past Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 season. Inspired by Princess stories; the brand gave to the public a time to disconnect from the world and return to our childhood. Dolce&Gabbana has make true the dreams from our infancy. Our favourite items have been clutches with the iconic clock from Cinderella or with a carriage form and the transparent heels.


Clothes has the same style; we are in love with the jackets and dresses inspired by the prince from the childhood storys.


Some of the garriage had iconic icons from the storrys; the mouses from Cinderella, the unforgotable mirror with the quote “Who is the most beautiful” or the famouse Apple from Snow White or even the candelabrum that reminds us Beauty and the Best story or clocks from Alice in Wonderland.


All the collection has a pich of baroque style. But there has been some garments or shoes that has broken with this style. Shoes with spick and pompoms on the heels, and  dresses with flowers, an Italian style that makes us think of the origins of the Brand.


In the following presentation you will be able to see all the pictures from the catwalk.

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