The Look of October

As we said when we birth a year, each first Friday of each month we propose our personal look mixing garments from the catwalks of the season and the actual trends. This month we have bet for a velvet skirt from Moschino with an a flounce shirt from Fendi. Laura has chosen Versace’s shoes to complete the total outfit. It’s a daring proposal for its combination of materials and textures. But we love it!


My look for this month has been different from my September’s Look. Now I’ve been declined to vinyl and glitter materials from Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton. Gucci’s shoes with white tights contributes to the autumn look.



Both materials; vinyl and velvet are going to appear during all this autumn-winter season; and I would also bet for glitter. Colourful looks are going to be the perfect option to enliven the coming cold days.

We hope you like it, writte here your opinon. Happy Friday! 🙂 #TheLookOfTheMonth


The Look of September

Commemorating the first year of our blog, we have decided to open a new category #TheLookOfTheMonth; this consists on mixing different garments seen on the catwalks and creating our own proposes for the following month. We will show you two suggestions; one from Laura and another from me; Mónica. And next to the look we will explain the reason why have we choose those clothes. It has to be said that all the pictures from the garments will be take out from the Vogue magazine.

We will publish this new type of article every first Friday of the Month. We hope you enjoy it!



The military dress coat comes back this autumn/winter season, this one is from Dolce & Gabanna. Paired with sporty pants from Altuzarra and Gucci platforms sandals contribute to constitute a grunge and rocker style that will be a must this season. Dark lips seen on Christian Dior’s catwalk add the final touch to the look.

laura's look.jpg


I bet for a total mustard colour look. Gucci pleated midi skirt has been the must-have of the year. Combined with high heels from Hermes and putted together with socks. Garments with waves are going to be essentials for this winter so I have chosen one from Christian Dior. And the final touch is this awesome hat from Chanel. All the look makes us deeper into the autumn.


One year; alive and kicking

Today it’s an important day for us; it’s our anniversary. We birth one year since we decided to open the fashion blog. For us it means the accomplishment of one of our goals. As we said when we opened it, we wanted to pass on news and trends related with the fashion world.

Thanks to our blog we have been able to assist to multiple Barcelona Fashion Weeks and The Bridal Week, which were some of our aims.  Our idea for this upcoming year is to, at least, assist to Madrid Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week and meanwhile continue posting our weekly articles [on Mondays]. We would like to take this opportunity to announce our new category that will be launched this next Monday. It consists on mixing different garments seen on the catwalks by brands and creating our own proposes for the following month, trying to add new trends and our personal touch. This genre of article will be posted the first Friday of each month.

We want to thank to all those people who have followed us and have helped to achieve 12.600 views from 102 countries during this year. It has been important for us the congratulations and nice words from designers like Galia Lahav and Red Point. Thinks like this are our daily motivations.

To celebrate this first year we decided to do something special and unforgettable for us, so we have embroidered the name of the blog on a denim jacket and a shirt.





Thank you all, without you it wouldn’t be possible. Let us know what do you think about it.

Enjoy the weekend!  🙂



Our particular white look

We have been saying that white total look will be the new trend for this summer. In the past Paris Fashion Week, we could saw how brands like Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy or Michael Kors. We emphasized this in our past article about What to wear this spring/summer season.

We have wore our personal total white look with the perfect platform shoes from No-Sé and a white dress from El Corte Inglés. In the Bridal Fashion Week catwalk we saw a model from YolanCris that wore an orange lipstick with the look, and it gave her a special touch that we personally love. We bought one similar colour in Nyx, in particular the Liquid Suede 05, and this was the final look. This season, MaxMara has bet for orange but the brand has applied it as eyeshadow.

What do you think, do you like it or not? You can also follow us on Instagram (@lemontrendy)!

Wearing Denim everywhere, in every moment

This usual garment will be the new trend this following Spring/Summer season. Everyone has ones one in their wardrobes; but now this usual clothe it’s going to change, just a bit. This was what was showed in the past catwalks from the Spring/ Summer collection 2016, decorated denim will be a must. “Do it yourself” it would be the definition of the show.

The perfect example is the ‘it-girl’ Chiara Ferragni that has created her new Levis collection.

In the past Paris Fashion Week we could saw that Denim was the king of the street style. Talking about jeans we can find boyfriend, mom jeans, high or low waist, and much more; but this season it’s going to be different. It does not consist in the type of the jean the innovation consists on wearing all kind of jeans with something different; it can be adorned, broken or drawn; but it has to be different from all the others. In the street style of the past Paris Fashion Week we saw a unique and stunning jean; finally, we have found it and buy it. Take a look of our outfit, as you will see it can be wear in formal or informal style, we hope you like it!


080 Bcn Fashion Week

This past week has been the 17th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week in La llotja del Mar. The 080 Bcn has been divided in five days; from Monday 01 to Friday 05. Each day has had in average 4 catwalks from different brands. We have had the pleasure to attend to some of the shows. The most important have been Custo Barcelona, Sita Murt, Naulover, Yerse and TCN. Each of the shows has showed us that all the clothes have in common some characteristics but of course there has been ones that has surprised us. We will analyse how has been the fashion show, how have we lived it and, of course, which is going to be the tendency in the following Autumn/Winter 2016. Of course we cannot forget to mention that some of the models of the show where too much slim exhibiting an unhealthy body; we think that brands will not have to choose them. With this brands make us think that are a normal body stereotype when they aren’t.

 Talking about the catwalk; muted colours are going to leave a mark in the following winter. Black and white, grey, khaki and beige are an example.


But there is one intense colour that has appeared in more than one catwalk, this one is the royal-blue.

And also the brick red.

The second characteristic is the Luxury Sport Style or the Urban style. Two types of clothes that are becoming the nowadays must. It consists of mix casual clothes like Jeans or Sporty jeans with some formal garment. This gives a different touch of glamour to your look. Some of the looks have shocked us; one is from Txell Miras and it nun clothes, another the homage from Miriam Ponsa to the first women aviator and we can’t forget the garment from Carlota Oms who uses the mountain tools and mix them with clothes.

Normally the clothes are simple and minimalist. Without any accessory that fill the garment. Wool, tweed, jacquard, suede and cashmere are the main knittings and materials.

Our favourites catwalks and of course clothes have been the ones from the brands Escorpion, Aldomartins, Lupo, Yerse, Manchén, Justicia Ruano, Sita Murt and the best of all for us has been VM by Sibèria. Here are some of the looks we are in love.

In the show two photographs from different magazines asked us if they could take pictures of our look so we will add what we wore in this 080 Bcn Fashion Week. This one has been our first time in a catwalk. We have reach one of our dreams!