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Muchas son las bloggers que escogen como prenda favorita los zapatos. ¿Quién no ha oído nunca que una mujer determinada tiene infinitos? Y la realidad es que un zapato puede cambiar tu look por completo, consiguiendo darle un giro al estilo de ropa que llevas e incluso estropearte el outfit por completo.

Esta primavera; grandes marcas como Gucci, YSL, Dolce&Gabbanna y otras; han decidido centrarse en este complemento que a veces no se les da la importancia necesaria. Y esta próxima temporada, los diseñadores han decidido crear formas excéntricas, o si más no originales, en sus tacones y zapatos en conjunto. Con ello han logrado nuevos estilos que aportan personalidad hasta en los looks más sencillos. Las bloggers de todo el mundo han percibido esta posible nueva tendencia y los han lucido en las que están siendo las Fashion Weeks del momento (que por supuesto; haremos un artículo más extenso próximamente).


Y con los bolsos, el segundo complemento por excelencia, sucede lo mismo. Estamos viendo que para esta temporada de Primavera/Verano los diseñadores han decidido prestarles más atención a ambos objetos, trabajándolos con nuevas formas y combinaciones tanto en tejido cómo en estructura.

 Nos encanta que estos artículos tengan tanta personalidad, ¿os añadiríais a esta nueva corriente? Porque nosotras ni lo dudamos. Ya veremos si esto termina llegando a la calle; ¡tiempo al tiempo!



NYFW and MFW review

New York Fashion Week started on September 7th, immediately after the London Fashion Week and then the Milan Fashion Week. The next week will take place the Paris Fashion Week. In all of the catwalks, the brands are launching their Spring-Sumer proposals for 2017.

Oscar de la Renta opted for all-white dresses and safari-inspired suites. Rodarte bets for monochromatic looks basically and mix lots of leather with laces and ruffles. Alexander Wang presented a line that easily could have been called ‘unisex’ where models wore shorts that resembled boxers, shirts that could have been borrowed of their boyfriend’s wardrobe and neon sweaters.

The line that offered Altuzarra played with different patterns; from cherries and lemons to python print. Proenza Shouler has bet for oversized T-shirts and leather jackets tied round waist to become skirts, all in primary colours. Jeremy Scott, faithful to its style, has incorporated geometric shapes to the dresses and as materials is concerned, leather and sequins. Black, white, khaki and denim were the proposals of Carolina Herrera.

Michael Kors launched his new watch alongside a collection inspired on the Sixties; oversized trench coats, floral prints and high heeled platform sandals. NYFW ended with the grand final show of Marc Jacobs, who opted for a line that every 20-somethig in the Nineties would have worn; rainbow-coloured dreadlocks, giant seven-inch platform boots, satin pants, micro suede skirts or silver snakeskin coats.


One of the first brands to catwalk on the Milan fashion Week was Gucci. Alessandro Michele chose recharged outfits for the next Spring-Summer season that in some cases reminded us to the Seventies but in other ones they were much more Victorian.  Leather was the innovating proposal for Alberta Ferreti and we saw it combined with purple skirts or in rodeo belts piled up around taffeta and chiffon dresses. Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli bet for hippie-chic outfits for those summer days –and nights- spent in Ibiza or Greece. MaxMara pointed to the jungle with frond-printed jumpsuits and sweaters with exotic wildlife, essentially in monochrome colours.

Fendi bets for girlish outfits that reminded us to Baby Dolls accessorised with pastel-coloured bags and the new bag bug: a furry doll with “string legs and stompy boots”.  The most remarkable about Prada were the fluffy ostrich feathers added to the garments. Jeremy Scott for Moschino played with the idea of paper dolls, a metaphor of the exaggerated consumerism society we are living in and of the industry of the see-now, buy-now. Moreover, the brand launched a capsule collection inspired on capsules and pills. Giamba presented little dresses and skirts all in vaporous fabrics and soft colours.

Donaella Versace thinks “Sportswear is the future of fashion” so she created a collection all about woman’s freedom where we could see nylon anoraks, zip-up sports tops, asymmetric mini dresses and motocross trousers, among other luxurious sportswear. Dolce&Gabbana reminded faithful to Italy and its symbols, making them shine through millennial influencers, but this time they focused on island life, like Capri, Pantelleria and -of course- Sicily.

Dsquared2 closed the Milan Fashion Week, another wonderful week full of new trends for the upcoming season and amazing Street Style.

Do you have any favourite catwalk of NYFM or MFW? Let us now what do you think about new trends.

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080 Barcelona Fashion Week

First of all, we would like to apologise for not being posting any article since almost a month. As we said we are students and this June has been  stressful with lot of exams and works to deliver. Now, that we have pass everything we are really happy because we have lot of new ideas for the blog, so keep in touch because this July will be the essential month. As a come early, one of our projects is to translate all our blog into Spanish so you will be able to read it in both languages: English and Spanish.

Finished our exams we were able to assist to the Fashion Week from Barcelona. Some brands invited us to the event so we were excited to assist. The 080 Barcelona Fashion Week started the past Monday, the 27th of June; but we ended our exams the 28th so our first day of the Fashion Week was the 29th. The 080 was from the 27th of June to the 1th of July. It was located in the Institut Nacional d’Educació Física a Catalunya called INEFC in Montjuic. For us, it was a good place for the dimensions and the awesome views but the location was a little bit too far from the public transports, it has to be said that the 080 arranged some buses on Plaça Espanya that carried us to the Inefc building, but despite this it was too far from the public.


The 080 Fashion Week consisted on different exhibitions from Spanish brands in the basketball court of the building and you were able to rest some time in some tables in the football pitch with one Dj and different food trucks to eat something.

The different shows from the brands were good but there where specially four exhibitions that we want to remark. First one was Bcn Brand; it was really informal and it was different from all the catwalks that we used to see. The models didn’t were as serious as always and everything was more spontaneous. The second and third one were Punto Blanco and Lola Casademunt. The last one was Red Point; the brand invited us to the Front Row and we were able to see the outfits closer than ever. All the swimsuits were awesome and each look were spectacular. Definitely our swimsuit from this summer will be one of that brand.



Now, as all the 080 Fashion Weeks that we have been, we will post our outfits, what we wore and how we wore it.

FIRST DAY 29th of June


SECOND DAY 30th of June


LAST DAY 1th of July

We hope that you like our article talking about our experience and now as we used to do, we will continue posting fashion articles each Monday and Thursday. We hope you like it; and if you do it you can comment and follow us on our Instagram to know all our news. Have a good Week!

What happens with the iron?

It has not been just one house; it has been almost each one. Houses has presented their Spring-Summer collection 2016 and we have seen that there is something in common with each one. Some of the clothes exposed has been presented without ironing it. Yes, without.

You can value it much more in the detailed pictures. All are taken by VOGUE magazine.


With this shocking way to expose a collection, we can just see one intention; a reclaim for the confort and pragmatism outfit. Today’s women are used to do thousands of things, and most of the times they are not able to wear the perfect look they would like to wear. For this reason, houses as Givenchy or Michael Kors wants to be closer to their consumers and try to help them as much as possible. It has to be said that most of the clothes without ironing has been used with light colours. Maybe in others, like yellow or pink, would not look as good as it does it now.

 Our favourite looks are Michel Kors and Altuzarra. What do you think? Would you dare to wear clothes without ironing? We have tried it and post it in our Instagram; take a look!





Cristóbal Balenciaga, admired by Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy or Coco Chanel, was one of the greatest couturiers of all times; in his words: “a couturier must be an architect for design, a sculptor for shape, a painter for colour, a musician for harmony and a philosopher for temperance”.

Was born in Getaria (Basque Country) and raised by his mother, Martina, because of the early death of his father, who was a fisherman. She introduced him in the couture world due to her job of seamstress for important families. When he was a teenager he met the Marchioness de Casa Torres and she became his patron and customer. He started his training period in San Sebastian in well-known establishments like Casa Gómez or New England and then in Au Louvre department store in San Sebastian, which have him the opportunity to know Paris and the most famous Maisons.

In 1917 he opened his first boutique named C.Balenciaga in San Sebastian and in a very short period of time he gained a lot of prestige among Spanish and European royalty and upper classes. In 1927 set up a new company focused on the traditional high couture called Eisa Couture.



Because of the Civil War he was forced to move to Paris and his activity decreased, but on July 1937 he formed BALENCIAGA Company and on August he presented his first high couture collection, which had a lot of success. Two years later, was released a collection based on the XVII century fashion and on the Second French Empire. Moreover, one of the dresses that had a major favourable outcome was “Infanta” dress. It has to be said that he reinterpreted characteristic details typical of traditional Spanish fashion, such as gowns made with rich embroideries and braids, made references to the pictorial world.

1947 was the release date of the brand first perfume, Le Dix. As fashion is concerned, during the late forties and the early fifties he opted for volume and fluid lines instead of corsets. He presented the tonneau (barrel) line, which introduced a half-fitted suit with volume on the back and fitted on the front. In the mid-fifties launched the tunic, a two-piece dress of straight lines and in 1957 the sack dress. A year later, in 1958, he presented the baby doll dress and the peacock tail dresses. His creations were a revolution on the fashion industry of the moment and he was soon recognized the “king of the high couture”.

Balenciaga changed the lines of the suits and established short jackets and high waist pieces. Even his sport style was marked by elegance. His sure bets were low heel, skirts below the knees or quarter length sleeves.

In 1968 he retired after presenting his last collection and announced the closure of the Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian boutiques. Cristóbal Balenciaga died soon after, in 1972, and the brand remained on the obscurity.

Michel Goma tried to recover the brand in 1987 launching a prêt-à-porter line, but it doesn’t achieve the successful he expected. Five years later, Josephus Melchior Thimister presented another prêt-à-porter line based exclusively on black and ink blue, but again, it doesn’t receive excellent reviews from the fashion industry. Since the retirement and death of Balenciaga, the fashion brand lived thanks to its past glory and the perfumes.

1997 was the year that Nicolás Ghesquière arrived to the maison, and his first collections were characterized by black and the volume, following the origins of the brand. But the maximum success of the designer arrived in 2008 with his little dress and the two-pieces with floral print and puffy sleeves. Ghesquière wanted to transmit a new avant-garde image, renewing the spirit of the maison. He left the brand in 2012 and Alexander Wang took the design leadership and he received good reviews, but after the spring-summer 2016 collection the American designer announced his departure. Demna Gvasalia, from Vêtements, is the new creative director of Balenciaga.


first of nicolas
Nicolas Ghesquière
Reinterpretation of Balengiaga’s design made by Ghesquière
Alexander Wang

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Maison Valentino

Maison Valentino was established in 1960 in Rome. Valentino Garavani was de fashion designer that founded the brand with his business partner Giancarlo Giammetti. Everything started with the age of 17, he decided to move to Paris to follow his hobby in the École des Beaux-Arts. After that he worked in two important houses; Jacques Fath and Balenciaga, where he took the experience to found after his own company in Via Condotti, Rome.


His first collection was on 1961 and he presented 120 models. But one of his famous collections is the White Collection launched in 1968; after, Jackie Kenedy bought one of this white dresses for her wedding dress. It’s important to mention that the first Valentino’s perfume was launched in 1978 with the name Valentino Classique. 


 Important icons from the brand are; it initial V that was in all prêt-à-porter collections since 1968.  Zebra, giraffe and leopard prints are another symbol from this house. And of course we cannot omit the fantastic colour that he felt in love in a trip through Spain; red. As he said Red possibilities are infinitive so it’s definitely the colour that defines him. In general, we can define his designs as unique and special. The main characteristics of the brand are emphasizing the femininity body, luxury fabrics, the quality and the finished touches, but in general; conservative is the perfect word to describe it.  Bows, flounces and organza are others typical characteristics.



In 1998 the founder sold the brand but he continued being the creative director. But in 2008 he decided to retire; leaving a good impression on the fashion world with his last catwalk. Nowadays his bran is in 90 countries. The current Creative Directors since October 2008 are Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli. There is a film of Valentino’s life made it on 2009 called The Last Emperor. In 2011 Valentino made a collection with the known Spanish house Puig and launch Valentina; the fusion of Valentino V and Rock and Rose.  And finally, in 2012, a company from State of Qatar bough the total control of the Maison.

Nowadays, Valentino offers a wild range of luxury products from Haute Couture and Prêt-à-porter like bags, shoes, belts, eyewear’s, perfumes and much more things.

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What to wear this spring/summer season

After this cold winter, spring season is here!  Days are longer and it’s not necessary to wear these coats that makes us sweat. We can stay on terraces without get freeze and be in front of the sea with an appetizing cold beer. It’s the perfect time to start with our summer clothes and for this reason we have to change our wardrobe. In this post we will make a review of what has been a must in the past Spring/Summer Collection 2016 and we’re going to compare each clothes with its characteristics, with more affordable clothes to our pockets. We hope you like it!


Firstly; we will start with the colour of the season; QUARTZ. This pale pink carries a fresh and calm sensation really suitable with spring. We can look it in all type of clothes. But for summer there is another colour that will be the new trend; WHITE. Wearing a total white look will be a must; it’s the perfect colour that joints with summer. We have seen it in Calvin Klein CollectionBalenciaga, Chanel or even Carolina Herrera and Dior catwalks. Almost each brand has its personal total white look; from the glasses to the shoes.


SILVER has been the new innovation; it can be wear in all type of clothes and materials. Shoes, trousers, skirts, and much more items. It’s a special colour that seems to be difficult to combine but it is not at all. MoschinoIsabel Marant and Loewe bets for it. Rainbow colours in clothes are another alternative.  


 Secondly; we have seen that night clothes have been inverted. Draper Dresses and pyjamas are the new daily clothes; we can wear them in all type of events and in all the possible hours. BalenciagaSaint Laurentand Alexander Wang has made this possible. Mango and Zara have followed this new trend.

On the other hand, we can find that Field Poppies is the flower of the season. Dolce & GabbanaLela Rose and Oscar de la Renta have position for this alternative. There is also Tie Dye, a [new] dye technique used by Louis VuittonRoberto Cavalli and Valentino. Photo Print and Print Mix are going to be suitable for this season. Moreover; vertical lines will be used to stylize our bodies. It has been used by Tommy Hilfilger or Salvatore Ferragamo.  


 Talking about the style of the clothes we have the Window effect; an alternative of the known cleavage established on the back. Saint LaurentValentinoGucci or Alexander McQueen has replaced garments with transparencies to garments that lets us see the nipple; it’s called free nipple. It’s a different way to reclaim women liberty. Fashion without restrictions.

Trapezium collar is another type of clothes to let show the shoulders of women; a new erogenous part of the body.GivenchyJason Wu and Valentino are the promoters. Volume sleeves showed in Balmain and Fendi catwalks and deconstruct garments by Emilio Pucci or Louis Vuitton give a surrealist style to fashion.


Garments with nets, waves and bows are going to be a must. It’s impressible to wear clothes with this overlays to be on fashion. We can look it in all type of clothes; with all type of size in every material.


It will be also a must to join dresses with trousers or jeans; it gives a casual touch to the outfit. Isabel Marant, Giambatista Valli or Alexander McQueen has their look.  

Finally, we have suede, jasper stitch, denim and organza. The most used textures in the catwalks from the brands. Suede was trendy on the past autumn/winter collection and will follow this spring/summer collection; denim articles (as we said in our past article) are going to be in all type of clothes and with all the possible modifications. Jasper stitch is the perfect material for periods between seasons; and organza gives a romantic style typical from FendiAlberta Ferreti or Erdem.  


 We can’t omit that in the past Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Week we have seen bloggers with some of the dresses of the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. In the following presentation you will be able to watch it.

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Wearing Denim everywhere, in every moment

This usual garment will be the new trend this following Spring/Summer season. Everyone has ones one in their wardrobes; but now this usual clothe it’s going to change, just a bit. This was what was showed in the past catwalks from the Spring/ Summer collection 2016, decorated denim will be a must. “Do it yourself” it would be the definition of the show.

The perfect example is the ‘it-girl’ Chiara Ferragni that has created her new Levis collection.

In the past Paris Fashion Week we could saw that Denim was the king of the street style. Talking about jeans we can find boyfriend, mom jeans, high or low waist, and much more; but this season it’s going to be different. It does not consist in the type of the jean the innovation consists on wearing all kind of jeans with something different; it can be adorned, broken or drawn; but it has to be different from all the others. In the street style of the past Paris Fashion Week we saw a unique and stunning jean; finally, we have found it and buy it. Take a look of our outfit, as you will see it can be wear in formal or informal style, we hope you like it!


FASHION KILLS: the shocking logo from Moschino

untitledThe last catwalk from Moschino in the Milan Fashion Week has been surprising. This time Jeremy Scott has appeared with a shocking logo “Fashion Kills” in the new phone cases that were given in the fashion show. Few minutes before the catwalk; on Moschino’s Instagram a picture was posted with the hashtag #itslit. The designer has defined his new collection like “The Apocalypse WOW”.

All the catwalk consisted of night dresses with cigars and mouths. Firstly, dresses were ready to burn from a skirt with matches; after that dresses had begun to appear burned.

There have been others with a chandelier imitating a crinoline. Bags with a pack of cigarettes form or dresses imitating frame paintings and clothes with smoke that seemed to be burning affirms the quote of the designer “Fashion Kills”.

After watching this catwalk we are wondering if Jeremy Scott loves or hate his job and the world around the industry. He is always trying to send a message to the public but it’s not enough clear as we said in our past article about the history of the brand; in the past Fall/Winter he exhibits dresses with car signs and after that he criticized our consumerist society. But now he has immersed himself with his own industry; the one he loves but yet seems to hate; definitely; Fashion.

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Street Style in the Paris Fashion Week

The Paris Fashion Week has started the past 1st of March and it’s going to finish the following Wednesday. As we saw in the past NYFW people that uses to go to the shows use the opportunity to pose with the new collection. We can see the news bags from the houses; season clothes or even “it-girls” try to wear all her outfit from the brand that it’s going to show the new collection.

Our favourite looks has been some from the known blogger Chiara Ferragni; that this year has come with her sister Valentina, and also Elena Perminova. Kristina Bazan has been incredibly as always. Here are some of the outfits of these “it-girls”.

Chiara Ferragni

Kristina Bazan

Elena Perminova


Others has bet for new things and tried to create a new tendency; as an example we have the model Aymeline Valade and her new hair cut. In addition, there have been more shocking outfits. Who knows if some of them would be a new tendency.

Paris Fashion Week is one of the most importance Fashion Weeks of the world. So this week it’s really important for all the houses. Some of the brands after the show they celebrate a dinner; another oportunity to show more outfits from the followers of fashion.


Here is the presentetaion of some of the Street styles that fashionist wear. We hope you like it!

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