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Muchas son las bloggers que escogen como prenda favorita los zapatos. ¿Quién no ha oído nunca que una mujer determinada tiene infinitos? Y la realidad es que un zapato puede cambiar tu look por completo, consiguiendo darle un giro al estilo de ropa que llevas e incluso estropearte el outfit por completo.

Esta primavera; grandes marcas como Gucci, YSL, Dolce&Gabbanna y otras; han decidido centrarse en este complemento que a veces no se les da la importancia necesaria. Y esta próxima temporada, los diseñadores han decidido crear formas excéntricas, o si más no originales, en sus tacones y zapatos en conjunto. Con ello han logrado nuevos estilos que aportan personalidad hasta en los looks más sencillos. Las bloggers de todo el mundo han percibido esta posible nueva tendencia y los han lucido en las que están siendo las Fashion Weeks del momento (que por supuesto; haremos un artículo más extenso próximamente).


Y con los bolsos, el segundo complemento por excelencia, sucede lo mismo. Estamos viendo que para esta temporada de Primavera/Verano los diseñadores han decidido prestarles más atención a ambos objetos, trabajándolos con nuevas formas y combinaciones tanto en tejido cómo en estructura.

 Nos encanta que estos artículos tengan tanta personalidad, ¿os añadiríais a esta nueva corriente? Porque nosotras ni lo dudamos. Ya veremos si esto termina llegando a la calle; ¡tiempo al tiempo!



Who said heels are boring?

Heels game has arrived to a brand new level thanks Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu or Gucci, among others. Decorated heels add the final touch to every look; they manage to transform the simplest look into a sophisticated one.

Gucci bets for a zebra tail, pearls, studs and its symbolic snake made by tiny crystals.


Fur and Swarovski crystals are Miu Miu’s suggestions.

miu miu sandals 650



But Dolce&Gabbana combines studs with crystals or flowers, or with fur and even it has created heels that are inspired by chandeliers or wrought-iron garden gates.


Don’t be afraid to complete your outfit with flamboyant heels. Give that lady dress a rocker touch with studs heels, or complete your vintage cropped jeans with a pair of Gucci mules decorated with pearls. Fashion is about playing, mixing.

Kenzo x H&M

The past week H&M finaally announced this year’s collaboration. They have teamed up with the french maison Kenzo and it will be lauched on november 3rd. Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, creative directors of Kenzo since 2011, have told to H&M Magazine that what they really expect is to explain the true story of the maison and their own story.


Kenzo is know for its colorful garments and shoking designs, such the embroidered tiger on a sweatshirt, one of the most iconics pieces of the brand.

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon told they don’t have a type of client, they are always searching for new ones to know the brand and the history behind.

By the moment, we don’t know anything else about H&M newest collaborations, but as soon as we get more information we will post it and we will keep you update.



What happens with the iron?

It has not been just one house; it has been almost each one. Houses has presented their Spring-Summer collection 2016 and we have seen that there is something in common with each one. Some of the clothes exposed has been presented without ironing it. Yes, without.

You can value it much more in the detailed pictures. All are taken by VOGUE magazine.


With this shocking way to expose a collection, we can just see one intention; a reclaim for the confort and pragmatism outfit. Today’s women are used to do thousands of things, and most of the times they are not able to wear the perfect look they would like to wear. For this reason, houses as Givenchy or Michael Kors wants to be closer to their consumers and try to help them as much as possible. It has to be said that most of the clothes without ironing has been used with light colours. Maybe in others, like yellow or pink, would not look as good as it does it now.

 Our favourite looks are Michel Kors and Altuzarra. What do you think? Would you dare to wear clothes without ironing? We have tried it and post it in our Instagram; take a look!





Cristóbal Balenciaga, admired by Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy or Coco Chanel, was one of the greatest couturiers of all times; in his words: “a couturier must be an architect for design, a sculptor for shape, a painter for colour, a musician for harmony and a philosopher for temperance”.

Was born in Getaria (Basque Country) and raised by his mother, Martina, because of the early death of his father, who was a fisherman. She introduced him in the couture world due to her job of seamstress for important families. When he was a teenager he met the Marchioness de Casa Torres and she became his patron and customer. He started his training period in San Sebastian in well-known establishments like Casa Gómez or New England and then in Au Louvre department store in San Sebastian, which have him the opportunity to know Paris and the most famous Maisons.

In 1917 he opened his first boutique named C.Balenciaga in San Sebastian and in a very short period of time he gained a lot of prestige among Spanish and European royalty and upper classes. In 1927 set up a new company focused on the traditional high couture called Eisa Couture.



Because of the Civil War he was forced to move to Paris and his activity decreased, but on July 1937 he formed BALENCIAGA Company and on August he presented his first high couture collection, which had a lot of success. Two years later, was released a collection based on the XVII century fashion and on the Second French Empire. Moreover, one of the dresses that had a major favourable outcome was “Infanta” dress. It has to be said that he reinterpreted characteristic details typical of traditional Spanish fashion, such as gowns made with rich embroideries and braids, made references to the pictorial world.

1947 was the release date of the brand first perfume, Le Dix. As fashion is concerned, during the late forties and the early fifties he opted for volume and fluid lines instead of corsets. He presented the tonneau (barrel) line, which introduced a half-fitted suit with volume on the back and fitted on the front. In the mid-fifties launched the tunic, a two-piece dress of straight lines and in 1957 the sack dress. A year later, in 1958, he presented the baby doll dress and the peacock tail dresses. His creations were a revolution on the fashion industry of the moment and he was soon recognized the “king of the high couture”.

Balenciaga changed the lines of the suits and established short jackets and high waist pieces. Even his sport style was marked by elegance. His sure bets were low heel, skirts below the knees or quarter length sleeves.

In 1968 he retired after presenting his last collection and announced the closure of the Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian boutiques. Cristóbal Balenciaga died soon after, in 1972, and the brand remained on the obscurity.

Michel Goma tried to recover the brand in 1987 launching a prêt-à-porter line, but it doesn’t achieve the successful he expected. Five years later, Josephus Melchior Thimister presented another prêt-à-porter line based exclusively on black and ink blue, but again, it doesn’t receive excellent reviews from the fashion industry. Since the retirement and death of Balenciaga, the fashion brand lived thanks to its past glory and the perfumes.

1997 was the year that Nicolás Ghesquière arrived to the maison, and his first collections were characterized by black and the volume, following the origins of the brand. But the maximum success of the designer arrived in 2008 with his little dress and the two-pieces with floral print and puffy sleeves. Ghesquière wanted to transmit a new avant-garde image, renewing the spirit of the maison. He left the brand in 2012 and Alexander Wang took the design leadership and he received good reviews, but after the spring-summer 2016 collection the American designer announced his departure. Demna Gvasalia, from Vêtements, is the new creative director of Balenciaga.


first of nicolas
Nicolas Ghesquière
Reinterpretation of Balengiaga’s design made by Ghesquière
Alexander Wang

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Street style in the New York fashion week

The New York fashion week started the past 10 of February and is going to finish the following 18 of this month. Nowadays we are seeing the catwalks from different brands and we will post a new article talking about them. But this post is different; here we will analyse what are wearing the bloggers, designers and different people who are attending the fashion week; all of them have in common the passion for fashion. We were unable to attend but we would have loved it, to remedy we are connected all the day with what is happening there.

We have realised that most of the bloggers that go to a catwalk, the clothes that they are wearing are from the same house of the fashion show. Some example is Chiara Ferragni or Kristina Bazan; if the fashion show is from Ralph Lauren; they will wear clothes from this house. Moreover, they use the opportunity to show their Brand, it is the case of Chiara Ferragni and her shoes.


In common, all the people that has assist to the fashion shows have wear clothes with the common characteristics from this Autumn/Winter that we said in our past article. Extra-long coats or XXL Coats, Jackets with sailor inspiration or even Furry Coats and Maxi Waiscoats.


We have seen also that the fashion week has been useful to start with the colour that will be the must in this Spring-Summer; the pale pink. So we can see a mixt between the trendy style from this Autumn-Winter and what would be trendy the following Spring-Summer season.


Accessories have been the must these days; new bags have taken an opportunity to be exposed on the New York streets. We have seen the Puzzle bag from Loewe, the new ones from Moschino, or even one bag that is getting famous that has two eyes from PlayNoMore Brand, it costs 225€ and the second model 268€.



We have seen all this year that it-girls used to wear on her bags a pompon putting up. That all that started with Fendi and it Karlito. In this days we have seen a new alternative; the whole bag is a Karlito.


And we cannot omit the different bags that has shocked us in the good sense of the word. One with a pineapple form, another with a candy, other with tweed material, one with Comococos drawn and there is even one with a bear.


Finally, it has to be said that our favourite “it-girl” is Kristina Bazan, we are in love with all of her outfits. We will add a presentation with some of the outfits that people are wearing in this NY FashionWeek.

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The well-known fashion brand Balmain was created by Pierre Balmain, born in 1914 in Saboie. His father ownedPierre Balmain a drapery business and his mother ran a fashion boutique with her sisters. He began studying architecture at the École de Beaux-Arts in 1933 and at the same time he worked as a freelance drawing for Rober Piguet. A year later he started working for Edward Molyneux for five years, and during de war he joined Lucien Lelong for the next two years, where he met Christian Dior.

His own House was created in 1945 and the same year was launched his first collection, characterized by long bell-shaped skirts with small waists, a style that in 1947 became popular as part of Dior’s New Look. Gertrude Stein, a poetess, defined Pierre’s Collections as the French New Look. It has to be said that Pierre Balmain with Christian Dior were the symbols of the New Look’s generation, a style that caused a revolution after the Second World War, leaving back austerity and creating voluminous garments and refined fabrics. Therefore, Balmain was one of the most important haute couture fashion houses during a post-war époque.

Piere Balmain also created perfumes. In 1947 was aired Vent Vert, the most successful one during the forties and early fifties. Another was Jolie Madame in 1953 or Ivorie, in 1979.

The maison became international in 1951, when he opened a shop in New York where ready-to-wear clothes where sold. The biggest success was to know how to give to the American clothes the French style. During the fifties became popular the stole, to wear during the day as well as the night, and the cossak like wraps and capes. This decade represents his golden age, when he reached successful results knowing how to create simple tailored suits and spectacular evening gowns, but always keeping the elegance and the sophistication of a classical style knowing how to suit the female body. It’s important emphasize one of his famous quotes with reference to the couture art: “Dressmaking is the architecture of movement”. Another features of Pierre Balmain’s designs were eventful skirts embellished with embroidered leaves or cherries, dresses made taking care of all the details, drapery, bows across the shoulder or fur in hoods, muffs or trims. Therefore, he had a refined aesthetic but it remained luxurious and opulent.

In addition, Balmain also created costumes for some film stars, such as Vivien Leigh, Mae West, Brigitte Bardot or Sophia Loren. Some of his faithful clients were Katherine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, the Queen Sirkit of Thailand or Hope Portocarrero, the Nicaraguan first lady. Nowadays stars like Angeline Jolie, Penélope Cruz or Kate Moss, still remain loyal to Balmain’s vintage gowns.

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Pierre hired young fashion promises before they have become famous, for example Gerard Pipart, John Cavanagh or a young Karl Lagerfeld after judging a fashion competition where the Austrian designer won.

Revlon acquired the perfumery line in 1960 and the French House entered in an instability period after Pierre Balmain’s death in 1982, when Erik Mortensen, his right hand, took the lead of the brand. Erik updated and developed Pierre’s style and won twice the French Haute Couture Golden Thimble Award, ten for his Autumn-Winter 1983/1984 collection and another for his Autumn-Winter 1987/1988 collection. He was replaced by Herve-Pierre and in 1993 Oscar de la Renta arrived to the maison and left in 2002. He had a style similar to Pierre Balmain’s, preferring simple and classical designs. De la Renta got the Haute Couture of the brand back on its feet after a bad period for Couture. In 2005 Chritophe Decarnin joined Balmain but his style contrasted with the classical one that always had reign in the maison, wanting to bring the brand to the 21st century. Olivier Rousteing, who worked for the label since 2009, rUnknowneplaced him in 2011. Rousteing has added a fresh touch to the aesthetic of the brand, where we can see an Asian and retro influence bringing back the glitter and glitz, but, moreover, he wants to focus the brand “on the finer aspects of the French Couture”. Oliver’s train of admirers include the Kardashians, Rihanna, Beyoncé or some Victoria’s Secret’s models.

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On november 2015 Balmain presented a collaboration with H&M. The collection included 110 pieces that were an homage to the biggest successes of the brand of the last three years. The pieces have a very specific style: an eighties essence with shoulder pads or gold buttons or appliqués and a love for the excess represented in vibrant and metallic colours or reptile skin effect. It was a total revolution with its own name, #HMBalmaination.



The French brand was established at 1937 by Thierry Hermès. descarga (1)In the logo we can deduce the origins of the brand; the specialisation in horse and leather articles. The grandson of the founder, Emile-Maurice, inheritedthe brand and made it quickly rise to fameLater on the population renamed the brand from Hermès fastener to zip. This boomed the family business. In the 1880 a shop was opened in nº21 of the Rue du Faubourd Saint-Honoré. The first woman collection was in 1929; the first perfume in 1951 and the first kerchief was launch at 1937. Currently, the 46% of the business profits are gained via leather goods, another 21% from the accessories and another 12% from the silks and textiles.

Prêt-à-porter, accessories, perfumes, and even furniture are some of the articles that the brand used to sell, but there is one article that defines the trademark; the handbags. Each one is handmade made of waterproof leather and this is why they are unique andof such a quality. The two more requested are Kelly and Birkin models.


The first one, Kelly, was launched in 1930, the name originates from the Princess Grace Kelly. the production of one single handbag takes over twenty hours to make. kelly_de_hermes_2015_620x.jpgThe other one, Birkin, was a result of the conversation between the artist Jame Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, while they met at the airport. She was travelling with a bag made with straw because she told him that there weren’t any handbag that were big enough and still comfortable to carry around. The production in this bag takes 48 hoursand when you order it, you’ll have to wait another one to two years before it’ll arive.

Jean Paul Gaultier was the creative director and nowadays his role is taken over by Patrick Thomas. many of the workers are descendents from the original company founder so we can actually state that it is an enormous family company. unlike many other companies, they work against the stream and don’t make any announcements via celeberties or any of these aids. It has to be said that LVHM Company has tried a couple of times to acquire it, but Hermès seems to resist it.

Michael Kors

Karl Anderson Jr. was born in 1959 in Long Island, New York,michael-kors_vogue_12apr13_pr_b but when his mother remarried Bill Kors he changed his name to Michael David Kors. It has to be said that since little Kors had an interest on fashion, with only five years he designed his mother wedding dress. Some say that maybe this passion is due to the fact that his mother was a former model and he was constantly in touch with this world. Being a teenager he designed clothes and sold them at the Iron Butterfly, his parent’s basement. In 1977 he began to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology but he leaved the studies after nine months in order to work in Lothar, a small fashion boutique across from Bergdorf Goodman, where he was given a space to sell his designs.

With twenty one years-old, in 1981, he created his own brand called as we know it nowadays, Michael Kors, and opened his first shop in New York for women and men. In his lines he bets for the American comfort and simplicity merged with European glamour and elegance. His womenswear line was launched at Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue


He faced in 1993 a bankruptcy and in 1997 entered in the French maison Céline as its creative director but he combined it with his job in his own brand until 2004, when he decided to focus on Michael Kors in order to diversify his lines. In 2001 went into the accessorize world and nowadays his Tote bags, shoes, sunglasses, jewels and “boyfriend” watches are well known all around the world.

A-Girl-A-Style-_-Michael-Kors-3 street_watches_reloj_mujer_michael_kors_referencia_mk5605

Michael Kors is widely known as a designer in the States because he has achieved his goal to create a sophisticated and elegant image for those active women who claim for comfort and functional designs. Therefore, his catwalks are full of looks that combine practical garments with a touch of sophistication or as he says “European luxury”. To offer high quality and elegant designs in an affordable price is another of his aims.


The brand is all around the world with shops in fifty countries and in the most prestigious cities as New York, London, Milano, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai or Barcelona among others and some of his clients are Sigourney Weaver, Julianne Moore or Gwyneth Paltrow.