Joyce bag; season’s best accessory

Loewe presented what it will be the accessory of the season: Joye Bag.


Its rounded shape and metallic shoulder-chain makes it perfect for business women who don’t renounce to a stylish and practical office look.  In the middle, it has a metallic circle that contains the brand’s anagram and with regard to materials, the bag is made of soft calfskin.

Joyce bag is avaliable in four different colours: Black, Burgundy, Tan and Olive Green. Its price is 2.100€.

Loewe also lauched a small version that in stead of a shoulder-chain it has a non-detacahble leather shoulder strap and it costs 1.500€.


Maria Grazia Chiuri; the new DIOR

Raf Simons announced the past october that he wouldn’t continue the following season with the Dior maison. No-one could have imagined. But people interested in the fashion world couldn’t know that it would be more unexpected who would be the successor. Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative director from Valentino next to Pier Pado Piccidi, would be the first woman to head the maison.


The 8th of July Dior announced the successor from Raf Simons, the first woman in Dior’s history. It’s an important change for the house, that used to be managed by males directors Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons, and of course, Christian Dior.

Chiuri maybe would give an interesting turn to the known brand, her romantic and feminine touch that has been exposed in the lasts Valentino collections. It would be contrasted with the Raf Simons’ avant-garde genre. Who knows what would happen in the following Dior’s collection; we are eager to see it.


Adilette slides

Adidas launched Adilette in 1963 and were the first pair of sandals made by the sport’s brand. Nowadays are its best-seller and Adidas have reinvented them in different colours like red, orange, green, yellow, pink or silver, but the typical ones are navy blue or black with white stripes; they cost 34,95€.

Recently we have spotted them in different celebrities or ‘it-girls’ such as Gigi Hadid or Chiara Ferragni.

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The Adilettes slides combined with cropped jeans or a sweater could be included in the sport luxury style. That’s one of the reasons why they become so popular again, because you can wear them in a comfortable look –a sport look- and give that vintage touch.

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Maison Valentino

Maison Valentino was established in 1960 in Rome. Valentino Garavani was de fashion designer that founded the brand with his business partner Giancarlo Giammetti. Everything started with the age of 17, he decided to move to Paris to follow his hobby in the École des Beaux-Arts. After that he worked in two important houses; Jacques Fath and Balenciaga, where he took the experience to found after his own company in Via Condotti, Rome.


His first collection was on 1961 and he presented 120 models. But one of his famous collections is the White Collection launched in 1968; after, Jackie Kenedy bought one of this white dresses for her wedding dress. It’s important to mention that the first Valentino’s perfume was launched in 1978 with the name Valentino Classique. 


 Important icons from the brand are; it initial V that was in all prêt-à-porter collections since 1968.  Zebra, giraffe and leopard prints are another symbol from this house. And of course we cannot omit the fantastic colour that he felt in love in a trip through Spain; red. As he said Red possibilities are infinitive so it’s definitely the colour that defines him. In general, we can define his designs as unique and special. The main characteristics of the brand are emphasizing the femininity body, luxury fabrics, the quality and the finished touches, but in general; conservative is the perfect word to describe it.  Bows, flounces and organza are others typical characteristics.



In 1998 the founder sold the brand but he continued being the creative director. But in 2008 he decided to retire; leaving a good impression on the fashion world with his last catwalk. Nowadays his bran is in 90 countries. The current Creative Directors since October 2008 are Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli. There is a film of Valentino’s life made it on 2009 called The Last Emperor. In 2011 Valentino made a collection with the known Spanish house Puig and launch Valentina; the fusion of Valentino V and Rock and Rose.  And finally, in 2012, a company from State of Qatar bough the total control of the Maison.

Nowadays, Valentino offers a wild range of luxury products from Haute Couture and Prêt-à-porter like bags, shoes, belts, eyewear’s, perfumes and much more things.

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FASHION KILLS: the shocking logo from Moschino

untitledThe last catwalk from Moschino in the Milan Fashion Week has been surprising. This time Jeremy Scott has appeared with a shocking logo “Fashion Kills” in the new phone cases that were given in the fashion show. Few minutes before the catwalk; on Moschino’s Instagram a picture was posted with the hashtag #itslit. The designer has defined his new collection like “The Apocalypse WOW”.

All the catwalk consisted of night dresses with cigars and mouths. Firstly, dresses were ready to burn from a skirt with matches; after that dresses had begun to appear burned.

There have been others with a chandelier imitating a crinoline. Bags with a pack of cigarettes form or dresses imitating frame paintings and clothes with smoke that seemed to be burning affirms the quote of the designer “Fashion Kills”.

After watching this catwalk we are wondering if Jeremy Scott loves or hate his job and the world around the industry. He is always trying to send a message to the public but it’s not enough clear as we said in our past article about the history of the brand; in the past Fall/Winter he exhibits dresses with car signs and after that he criticized our consumerist society. But now he has immersed himself with his own industry; the one he loves but yet seems to hate; definitely; Fashion.

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The pompom’s beginning

During the past 2015 we saw that most of the bloggers used to wear on its bags or keys a special furry plush toy. Chiara Ferragni, Anna Dello Russo or even the same Karl Lagerfeld wears it. This tendency has arrived to our reality. The evidence is that we can see it on the street; almost each mother and teenager that seems to likes fashion wear it.

The origin of this key-ring is from the known brand called FENDI with it Karlito. All started in the closing of the Autumn/Winter 2014 exhibition; Cara Delavigne was holding what would be a must for almost each woman; an accessory for our bags. This accessory that value 1.600$ was a mini Karl Lagerfeld; the current director from Chanel and at then they were 600 queuing people.

Nowadays; in the new collection we can see it on t-shirts 1.240€, jeans 875€, shoes 1.200€ or in phone cases! And of course it continues the bag’s accessory with two models 820€ and 960€.

We will add some pictures with our imitation of Fendi’s accessory; we have it in pink for spring and camel for Winter.

Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo new collection

The Spanish blogger Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo has launched her first design collection clothes, in particularly jaquets, with The-Are brand.  It consists in an oversize jacket with dyeing sheep fur in the neck, pockets and/or cuffs.



Each garment with all it materials has been made in Spain. And the medium price is around 125€, so it’s not expensive keeping in mind that all the jackets has been made in our country.  The brand has been announcing the new collaboration through social medias, in particularly, Instagram. Teresa has pose with almost each jacket, and she has made one made to measure, at the back of the jacket we can see her name; Teresa.

 coat teresa.PNG

For us, the jackets that were out of the stock few hours after putting it on sale, are the best. These ones are the red ones, the white jacket with fur on it pockets and the camel one with fur in the lateral of the jacket.


Moschino SS’16

Jeremy Scott took Moschino to another level when he became the creative director of the brand in 2013. His fashion is known by its references to the pop culture, videogames or the daily life. But if something is sure is that leaves nobody indifferent.

The Spring/Summer 2016 collection remains us of constructions workers or materials they use, such as reflective jackets, “caution” signs or traffic cones. Moreover, the collection makes references to car wash establishments or allusions to consumerism.

In some of Moschino garments appear Powerpuff Girls, elements of Super Mario Bros or Bear Credit Card, which instantly reminded us of American Express.

The English designer always surprises us and we’re always wondering what’s next. Jeremy Scott brings fashion to another level, where daily objects become fashion. Although some of the garments can be funny or original, others can be misunderstand, such as the Fresh couture line.

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Street style in the New York fashion week

The New York fashion week started the past 10 of February and is going to finish the following 18 of this month. Nowadays we are seeing the catwalks from different brands and we will post a new article talking about them. But this post is different; here we will analyse what are wearing the bloggers, designers and different people who are attending the fashion week; all of them have in common the passion for fashion. We were unable to attend but we would have loved it, to remedy we are connected all the day with what is happening there.

We have realised that most of the bloggers that go to a catwalk, the clothes that they are wearing are from the same house of the fashion show. Some example is Chiara Ferragni or Kristina Bazan; if the fashion show is from Ralph Lauren; they will wear clothes from this house. Moreover, they use the opportunity to show their Brand, it is the case of Chiara Ferragni and her shoes.


In common, all the people that has assist to the fashion shows have wear clothes with the common characteristics from this Autumn/Winter that we said in our past article. Extra-long coats or XXL Coats, Jackets with sailor inspiration or even Furry Coats and Maxi Waiscoats.


We have seen also that the fashion week has been useful to start with the colour that will be the must in this Spring-Summer; the pale pink. So we can see a mixt between the trendy style from this Autumn-Winter and what would be trendy the following Spring-Summer season.


Accessories have been the must these days; new bags have taken an opportunity to be exposed on the New York streets. We have seen the Puzzle bag from Loewe, the new ones from Moschino, or even one bag that is getting famous that has two eyes from PlayNoMore Brand, it costs 225€ and the second model 268€.



We have seen all this year that it-girls used to wear on her bags a pompon putting up. That all that started with Fendi and it Karlito. In this days we have seen a new alternative; the whole bag is a Karlito.


And we cannot omit the different bags that has shocked us in the good sense of the word. One with a pineapple form, another with a candy, other with tweed material, one with Comococos drawn and there is even one with a bear.


Finally, it has to be said that our favourite “it-girl” is Kristina Bazan, we are in love with all of her outfits. We will add a presentation with some of the outfits that people are wearing in this NY FashionWeek.

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Max Mara

achille-maramotti_1212-profileAchielle Maramotti founded Max Mara house.  He was born in Italy 1927 and he received a law degree but at the age of 29 he decided to begin designing clothes. He used to copy the outfits that he could saw on magazines and with that he had his first exit and let him create his own brand in 1951. The name of the house comes from a diminutive of his name “Mara” but “Max” is a superlative to strength the brand’s name and gives to it an international fell. It has to be said that the house started with the name of Confezioni Maramotti but it became popular with Max Mara. Known designers as Franco Moschino, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Karl Lagerfeld, Dolce&Gabanna, Narciso Rodríguez has worked in the brand house.

 The house started with woman high quality clothes but was specialized in coats. It iconic garment is the 101801 Coat. Anne Marie Beretta created a double-breasted camel coat with clean cuts and beautiful kimono sleeves in mixed cashmere wool on the 80’s; it is offered in every winter collection without modification. It costs 1.200€. As Nicola Gerber Maramotti said, the expansion of the firm director; Camel colour is the new black. Is the symbol of the Maison.

The house, since it beginning, bet for quality and creativity clothes made by a family business with an international project. It also supports the art and culture with creation of different premiums including ART PRIZE FOR WOMEN. This Museums aims to encourage and support emerging women artists who live and work in UK. 15.artp_pe10_news-large copia

Nowadays has 23 collections; someone’s are Max & Co, SportMax, Marina Rinaldi or Pennyblack. And of course has it bridal collection. Has created perfumes, accessories and has more than 2.300 shops in 105 countries of the world. Max&CO was founded in 2013 with the intention to be for young public with low purchasing power and SportMax to young women who wanted to individualise their look. Marina Rinaldi was the name of the great-grandmother creator.

In 1989 was launched the MMmagazine. And in 2008 in Germany it was launched in the Kurlture forum from Berlin an exhibition called “Coats! Max Mara, 55 years of Italian Fashion” which celebrated MM’s history and futures Coats from MM achieves. And there was another in Moscú where all the coats, also the famous ones as Trench, Gabán and 101801, from the brand where exposed.

Max Mara is one of the most important fashion houses of the world. It has a realistic and comprehensive sense of fashion. It’s important to mention that Achielle Maramotti was the precursor of the current concept Ready-to-wear applying an industrial production process. The company is still nowadays owned by Maramotti Family.

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