To bet for knee high boots

Suede or fur shoes, decorated with belts or with different textures. Adding some cords or a zip. This year shoes are arriving to the autumn/winter season hailing attention. High heels and platforms have been also a must have.


Knee high boots have been the iconic item from each winter season, it has to be said that this kind of boot has never been old-fashioned and it has been sold each year in many colors and designs. We have always wanted one of them, but we didn’t find the right ones. The problems were always the same: they didn’t have enough heel or they didn’t fit well. Finally this year we have bet for Alessandro Simoni’s boots, an Italian designer that sells all his items, specially shoes, in Barcelona. We have taken advantage of an offer and from the 79€ they cost at the beginning, we have paid 59€. It has been an awesome bargain; here you have some pictures. Tell us what do you think! Happy Monday! 🙂




The pompom’s beginning

During the past 2015 we saw that most of the bloggers used to wear on its bags or keys a special furry plush toy. Chiara Ferragni, Anna Dello Russo or even the same Karl Lagerfeld wears it. This tendency has arrived to our reality. The evidence is that we can see it on the street; almost each mother and teenager that seems to likes fashion wear it.

The origin of this key-ring is from the known brand called FENDI with it Karlito. All started in the closing of the Autumn/Winter 2014 exhibition; Cara Delavigne was holding what would be a must for almost each woman; an accessory for our bags. This accessory that value 1.600$ was a mini Karl Lagerfeld; the current director from Chanel and at then they were 600 queuing people.

Nowadays; in the new collection we can see it on t-shirts 1.240€, jeans 875€, shoes 1.200€ or in phone cases! And of course it continues the bag’s accessory with two models 820€ and 960€.

We will add some pictures with our imitation of Fendi’s accessory; we have it in pink for spring and camel for Winter.