Street style in the New York fashion week

The New York fashion week started the past 10 of February and is going to finish the following 18 of this month. Nowadays we are seeing the catwalks from different brands and we will post a new article talking about them. But this post is different; here we will analyse what are wearing the bloggers, designers and different people who are attending the fashion week; all of them have in common the passion for fashion. We were unable to attend but we would have loved it, to remedy we are connected all the day with what is happening there.

We have realised that most of the bloggers that go to a catwalk, the clothes that they are wearing are from the same house of the fashion show. Some example is Chiara Ferragni or Kristina Bazan; if the fashion show is from Ralph Lauren; they will wear clothes from this house. Moreover, they use the opportunity to show their Brand, it is the case of Chiara Ferragni and her shoes.


In common, all the people that has assist to the fashion shows have wear clothes with the common characteristics from this Autumn/Winter that we said in our past article. Extra-long coats or XXL Coats, Jackets with sailor inspiration or even Furry Coats and Maxi Waiscoats.


We have seen also that the fashion week has been useful to start with the colour that will be the must in this Spring-Summer; the pale pink. So we can see a mixt between the trendy style from this Autumn-Winter and what would be trendy the following Spring-Summer season.


Accessories have been the must these days; new bags have taken an opportunity to be exposed on the New York streets. We have seen the Puzzle bag from Loewe, the new ones from Moschino, or even one bag that is getting famous that has two eyes from PlayNoMore Brand, it costs 225€ and the second model 268€.



We have seen all this year that it-girls used to wear on her bags a pompon putting up. That all that started with Fendi and it Karlito. In this days we have seen a new alternative; the whole bag is a Karlito.


And we cannot omit the different bags that has shocked us in the good sense of the word. One with a pineapple form, another with a candy, other with tweed material, one with Comococos drawn and there is even one with a bear.


Finally, it has to be said that our favourite “it-girl” is Kristina Bazan, we are in love with all of her outfits. We will add a presentation with some of the outfits that people are wearing in this NY FashionWeek.

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