Here we are

Firstly; Happy New Year!!!! Yes; we know that has passed 23 days but better late than not saying it; don’t you think? 

To get started we would like to apologize for being two months without posting any article and just uploading two pictures on our Instagram. As we said in the biography of the blog; we are two university students and this two months has been heavy, full of works and final examinations which we gamble almost each subject. So today; as soon as we have finished, we are here again wanting to explain you each new, trends and everything and more of this world that we are so passionate about; fashion.

 We must communicate a novelty, we are going to post from now on all our articles in two languages; we have to admit that we have invested plenty of our summer time translating all our articles to a new web called Lemon Trendy Esp; but we have finally decided that it’s more easy to just have one Blog and insert the translation below each post. If you know both languages you will be able to see that we are better in Spanish, it’s our native tongue. So, we want to apologize for our low level of English but in pros we have to say that forcing ourselves to write in English helps us to improve this language, and this is a great opportunity!

 We are excited for so much, this two months are going to be awesome. Full of new articles and plans. One of them is going to be the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week that will be the following week and we have already received the invitations; we will post our daily looks and experience in our Instagram. And much more it’s going to come; do not miss it! And tomorrow… NEW ARTICLE!  #LemonTrendyNeverStops


Primero de todo; ¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO! Sí, ya sabemos que llegamos 23 días tarde pero mejor desearos un feliz y próspero año que no hacerlo; ¿verdad?

 Para empezar, nos gustaría disculparnos por haber estado dos meses sin publicar ningún artículo y sólo colgar dos fotografías en Instagram puntuales. Pero cómo dijimos en nuestra biografía del Blog; somos dos estudiantes universitarias que intentamos compaginar de la mejor manera posible nuestras obligaciones y nuestros hobbies. Estos dos pasados meses han sido muy complicados, llenos de exámenes y trabajos. Exámenes en los que la mayoría nos jugábamos el curso. Así que hoy, tan pronto cómo hemos terminado, hemos vuelto con muchas ganas y fuerza para explicaros cada noticia nueva, tendencias que han surgido hace nada y mucho más relacionado con todo este mundo que nos apasiona; la moda. 

Además, tenemos una nueva novedad. ¡A partir de ahora publicaremos todos nuestros artículos en DOS idiomas! Tenemos que admitir que hemos estado invirtiendo gran parte de nuestro tiempo del verano pasado con la intención de crear un Blog a parte bajo el nombre de Lemon Trendy Esp; con el único fin de que todos los artículos estuvieran en castellano. Pero finalmente nos hemos dado cuenta que será mucho más fácil tener solo un blog y añadir el texto en Castellano debajo de cada artículo escrito en inglés. Si conocéis ambas lenguas veréis que dominamos más el español ya que es nuestra lengua madre. Así que pedimos perdón por adelantado ya que nuestro nivel de inglés es bajo. Pero gracias a forzarnos a escribir cada semana un artículo nos ayuda a mejorarlo, ¡y esto es una gran oportunidad!

 Estamos muy emocionadas por tantas cosas; estos próximos meses serán increíbles. Estarán repletos de nuevos artículos que ya tenemos pensados y planes. Un ejemplo es la 080 Barcelona Fashion Week que será la próxima semana y de la que ya nos han llegado las invitaciones. Colgaremos nuestros looks y experiencias en nuestro Instagram. Esto y mucho más va a suceder aquí, así que ¡no os lo perdáis! Y mañana… ¡nuevo artículo! #LemonTrendyNeverStops




One year; alive and kicking

Today it’s an important day for us; it’s our anniversary. We birth one year since we decided to open the fashion blog. For us it means the accomplishment of one of our goals. As we said when we opened it, we wanted to pass on news and trends related with the fashion world.

Thanks to our blog we have been able to assist to multiple Barcelona Fashion Weeks and The Bridal Week, which were some of our aims.  Our idea for this upcoming year is to, at least, assist to Madrid Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week and meanwhile continue posting our weekly articles [on Mondays]. We would like to take this opportunity to announce our new category that will be launched this next Monday. It consists on mixing different garments seen on the catwalks by brands and creating our own proposes for the following month, trying to add new trends and our personal touch. This genre of article will be posted the first Friday of each month.

We want to thank to all those people who have followed us and have helped to achieve 12.600 views from 102 countries during this year. It has been important for us the congratulations and nice words from designers like Galia Lahav and Red Point. Thinks like this are our daily motivations.

To celebrate this first year we decided to do something special and unforgettable for us, so we have embroidered the name of the blog on a denim jacket and a shirt.





Thank you all, without you it wouldn’t be possible. Let us know what do you think about it.

Enjoy the weekend!  🙂



Half a year NEXT TO YOU

Today it’s a special day; we birth half a year since we decided to create this Fashion Blog. These six months we have tried to write about the new trends of fashion, the history of some brands and analyze what should we wear on the autumn/winter and spring/summer season.

We started the blog with an aim and with just six months we have achieved! It was to assist to the Barcelona Fashion Week known as 080Bcn and we posted a special article with the outfits that we wore; we can’t omit that this article has been the most read it.

In our past article 3 months with you we said that people from 15 countries had visited our Blog; but with just three months more we have achieved to 63 countries. So we want to share our happiness with all the people from Macedonia, Jersey, Tunis, Yemen, Myanner, Peru, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Catarrh, Denmark, Aruba, Guatemala, Vietnam, Republic of Congo, Philippines, Japan, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Thailand, Mexico, Hungary, Brazil, South Korea, Canada, Greece, Morocco, Poland, China, Romania, Czech Republic, Colombia, Norway, Réunion, French Guiana, Kuwait, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Albania, Algeria, Indonesia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Chile and Croatia; in total 5 thousand views. Thank you for making possible our dream: Fashion.

We have to say that you can know if we have post a new article through Instagram / Twitter / Facebook all with the same username (@lemontrendy).


3 months with you

Today we are celebrating our third month since we decided to start with this Blog. In this short period of time we have achieved 1 thousand views. That’s much more that what we would have ever expect.

People from UK, Australia, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Italy, USA, India, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland have helped us to accomplish that. [Thanks to all of you, who make it possible day by day]


M&L. 🍋