Joyce bag; season’s best accessory

Loewe presented what it will be the accessory of the season: Joye Bag.


Its rounded shape and metallic shoulder-chain makes it perfect for business women who don’t renounce to a stylish and practical office look.  In the middle, it has a metallic circle that contains the brand’s anagram and with regard to materials, the bag is made of soft calfskin.

Joyce bag is avaliable in four different colours: Black, Burgundy, Tan and Olive Green. Its price is 2.100€.

Loewe also lauched a small version that in stead of a shoulder-chain it has a non-detacahble leather shoulder strap and it costs 1.500€.


Silhouettes’ battle: Oversize vs. Corsets

Fashion has the ability to adapt to every taste. There are two silhouettes that will lead the season, oversize and bustiers.

Oversized silhouette comes along with commodity, effortless and even masculine style. This season, Chanel, Christian Dior, Stella McCartney or Nina Ricci bet for neutral tones.  But MSGM prefers to add big red dots and Prada animal print.


But for those who lean towards fitted garments we have good news: corsets are back! As well as bustiers or waist bells. They bring out the sexiness of women and stand out their curves.Saint Laurent, Prada and Haider Ackermann have opted for them.


Do you prefer any of this silhouettes over the other? We have to say that any of them are extremes, they are perfectly combinable and Miu Miu has seen it.

Miu Miu

The Look of September

Commemorating the first year of our blog, we have decided to open a new category #TheLookOfTheMonth; this consists on mixing different garments seen on the catwalks and creating our own proposes for the following month. We will show you two suggestions; one from Laura and another from me; Mónica. And next to the look we will explain the reason why have we choose those clothes. It has to be said that all the pictures from the garments will be take out from the Vogue magazine.

We will publish this new type of article every first Friday of the Month. We hope you enjoy it!



The military dress coat comes back this autumn/winter season, this one is from Dolce & Gabanna. Paired with sporty pants from Altuzarra and Gucci platforms sandals contribute to constitute a grunge and rocker style that will be a must this season. Dark lips seen on Christian Dior’s catwalk add the final touch to the look.

laura's look.jpg


I bet for a total mustard colour look. Gucci pleated midi skirt has been the must-have of the year. Combined with high heels from Hermes and putted together with socks. Garments with waves are going to be essentials for this winter so I have chosen one from Christian Dior. And the final touch is this awesome hat from Chanel. All the look makes us deeper into the autumn.


Maria Grazia Chiuri; the new DIOR

Raf Simons announced the past october that he wouldn’t continue the following season with the Dior maison. No-one could have imagined. But people interested in the fashion world couldn’t know that it would be more unexpected who would be the successor. Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative director from Valentino next to Pier Pado Piccidi, would be the first woman to head the maison.


The 8th of July Dior announced the successor from Raf Simons, the first woman in Dior’s history. It’s an important change for the house, that used to be managed by males directors Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons, and of course, Christian Dior.

Chiuri maybe would give an interesting turn to the known brand, her romantic and feminine touch that has been exposed in the lasts Valentino collections. It would be contrasted with the Raf Simons’ avant-garde genre. Who knows what would happen in the following Dior’s collection; we are eager to see it.


One year; alive and kicking

Today it’s an important day for us; it’s our anniversary. We birth one year since we decided to open the fashion blog. For us it means the accomplishment of one of our goals. As we said when we opened it, we wanted to pass on news and trends related with the fashion world.

Thanks to our blog we have been able to assist to multiple Barcelona Fashion Weeks and The Bridal Week, which were some of our aims.  Our idea for this upcoming year is to, at least, assist to Madrid Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week and meanwhile continue posting our weekly articles [on Mondays]. We would like to take this opportunity to announce our new category that will be launched this next Monday. It consists on mixing different garments seen on the catwalks by brands and creating our own proposes for the following month, trying to add new trends and our personal touch. This genre of article will be posted the first Friday of each month.

We want to thank to all those people who have followed us and have helped to achieve 12.600 views from 102 countries during this year. It has been important for us the congratulations and nice words from designers like Galia Lahav and Red Point. Thinks like this are our daily motivations.

To celebrate this first year we decided to do something special and unforgettable for us, so we have embroidered the name of the blog on a denim jacket and a shirt.





Thank you all, without you it wouldn’t be possible. Let us know what do you think about it.

Enjoy the weekend!  🙂



Baret Bag, the new favourite

Carolina Herrera has released recently the new favourite bag of celebrities or influencer such as Olivia Palermo, Nicole Warne or Giovanna Battaglia.

The bag itself was presented in three sizes, the normal size, the petite one an the grande. Moreover, one of the two handles is interchangeable.


It’s a bag thought for a daily use and for all kind of situations, inspired by the personality of Jeanne Baret.  In our opinion, is a very versatile bag that fits to every woman.


Adilette slides

Adidas launched Adilette in 1963 and were the first pair of sandals made by the sport’s brand. Nowadays are its best-seller and Adidas have reinvented them in different colours like red, orange, green, yellow, pink or silver, but the typical ones are navy blue or black with white stripes; they cost 34,95€.

Recently we have spotted them in different celebrities or ‘it-girls’ such as Gigi Hadid or Chiara Ferragni.

Processed with VSCO

The Adilettes slides combined with cropped jeans or a sweater could be included in the sport luxury style. That’s one of the reasons why they become so popular again, because you can wear them in a comfortable look –a sport look- and give that vintage touch.

Processed with VSCO


Who said heels are boring?

Heels game has arrived to a brand new level thanks Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu or Gucci, among others. Decorated heels add the final touch to every look; they manage to transform the simplest look into a sophisticated one.

Gucci bets for a zebra tail, pearls, studs and its symbolic snake made by tiny crystals.


Fur and Swarovski crystals are Miu Miu’s suggestions.

miu miu sandals 650



But Dolce&Gabbana combines studs with crystals or flowers, or with fur and even it has created heels that are inspired by chandeliers or wrought-iron garden gates.


Don’t be afraid to complete your outfit with flamboyant heels. Give that lady dress a rocker touch with studs heels, or complete your vintage cropped jeans with a pair of Gucci mules decorated with pearls. Fashion is about playing, mixing.

QUIERO SER; el nuevo programa de ‘moda’

Quiero ser es un programa que se estrenó ayer en Telecinco a las 22:00h. Fue presentado por Sara Carbonero y los tres coach eran Madame de Rosa, Dulceida y Cristo Bañez. Se presentaban como el mayor talent de moda y hemos considerado oportuno expresar nuestra opinión ya que trata sobre una industria que nos apasiona.


Como tantos espectadores, nosotras esperábamos ver un programa donde la moda fuera el eje central. Pensábamos que se hablaría de las nuevas tendencias, de cómo poder combinar distintos estilos, aprender la historia de esta industria, ver el estilo de cada Coach y  cómo mejoran los participantes sin dejar perder su estilo tan singular. Sin embargo, el resultado no fue nada de lo esperado. Lo que vimos fue participantes criticándose la mayor parte del tiempo, donde, en vez de frenarlo, la dirección del programa parecía que lo incentivase, premiando la competición en vez del aprendizaje; escasos consejos de moda,… y todo ello sin mucha intervención de los coach.

En la presentación de cada participante escogido hablaban muy poco de moda, más bien remarcaron que querían ganar el programa afirmando tener un gran estilo propio y nos llamó la atención su empeño en utilizar la palabra it-girl. ¿Entonces en qué quedamos? ¿Es un programa de moda o un concurso para llegar a ser una it-girl? Quizás será mejor que empezamos a diferenciar el mundo de la moda con el de las it-girls. Una it-girl, según nuestra manera de entender las cosas, es esa persona a la que mucha gente sigue y se convierte en referente. Si esta persona decidiera vestirse de amarillo todo el día, sus seguidores la seguirían utilizando prendas de ese color; eso sí, manteniendo su propio etilo. Para nosotras una it-girl expone diariamente su vida en las redes sociales, sus viajes, lo que come, su ejercicio, con quien queda y también cómo viste. De aquí viene la confusión con el mundo de la moda. Para nosotras una it-girl puede crear tendencias, pero no está relacionada directamente con esta industria. Aunque a partir de trabajar en el mundo de la moda también te puedes convertir en una it-girl; un ejemplo sería la italiana Chiara Ferragni. Nos preguntamos si el nuevo programa de Telecinco consiste en potenciar la industria de la moda o en cómo llegar a ser una it-girl.

En lo que se refiere a los coach, el programa no deja que estos puedan lucir correctamente todo su conocimiento, limita bastante su acción y la presentadora, Sara Carbonero, casi ni se la ve. El programa podría haber aprovechado muchísimo más el conocimiento de cada uno de los coach dejándoles más tiempo para expresar cómo ven ellos este mundo al que se dedican. Nosotras pensamos que el personal está totalmente cualificado, pero no se les da el protagonismo necesario; más bien este protagonismo parece estar enfocado hacia los concursantes y su constante rivalidad.

Somos de las que piensan que esta industria podría tener un gran potencial en España, llegando a niveles como Francia (París) o Estados Unidos (Nueva York); pero hay que trabajarlo. Y día a día muchas son las personas que lo hacen. Pero aún falta mucho más. Pensábamos que este programa sería un paso más; pero no ha sido así; o al menos según nuestra manera de ver las cosas. De todas maneras, es el primer programa y lo seguiremos viendo para ver cómo evoluciona. Y quizás mejora. Quién sabe, no sentenciemos el programa por su primer episodio.

Lace up tops

As we have concern, almost each shop has one top, t-shirt or dress with cords in it necklines, known as lace up tops. It-girls as Chiara Ferragni or Kim Kardashan has shown to us how do they wear it. We have to admit that it’s not as easy as it seems to wear it in a cool way. In our opinion, this garment is a little bit provocative so it’s important to wear it with others garment that don’t stand out and let the neckline show off.


Balmain, Ralph Lauren and House of Holand has bet for this different clothes and has been exposed in their Spring/Summer collections from the past Fashion Weeks.

Zara, H&M, Mango and Asos have their personal clothes; we have bought one black top.


What do you think of this new garment? Do you think it’s too much provocative or it can be wear it in a casual look?