Pink & Red

There are two colour combinations that have been rejected by fashion victims. Maybe it’s for its approach on the chromatic range or maybe even for the society traditions; but nevertheless, we continue not being able to dare for the combination of this colours. These ones are, on one hand, black and blue and on the other, pink and red.


But this season people has decided to break with this tradition and wear awesome moods with just this two colours, pink and red, the ones that we though that were impossible to mixt. Even an important shopping centre in Spain as El Corte Inglés has opt for this new trend dressing it mannequins with just this two colours.


In our opinion, the mixture of this two strident colours well combined is awesome. It has to be said that if you decide to wear it you will not be unnoticed; but if you find the right way to join it, you can wear a marvellous look.


Here we add some pictures about outfits with both colours wore it by ‘it-girls’ and some looks from recent catwalks.



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