CALVIN KLEIN, our option for this summer

This house has been recently criticised for it new advertising campaign wich take part celebrities as Abbey Lee Kershaw, Klara Kristin, Saskia Braw and Kendal Jenner, who is the new image from #mycalvins; for being too much sexy or provocative.


Leaving this aside, we want to talk about one of their new bikinis for this spring/summer season.  It’s being publicized with the slogan: I swim in #mycalvins. It’s available in four colours; yellow, blue, pink and black. And there are three types of tops; the bandeau, the triangle and the bralette.



Our favourite one is the bandeau bikini top with the bikini brief; all in total black. It costs in total 90€, available on its website. But we have also found it on Urban Outfitters shop.



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Off the shoulders; the new MUST HAVE

If you have recently bought a garment that let’s show your shoulders you are an influencer. The past catwalks from houses like Balmain, Louis Vuitton or Mugler showed that this style will be a must for this spring/summer.


Shops as Zara, Mango or Asos has their own version. Some of the current ‘it-girls’ have post a picture with their outfit.

There are different ways to show your shoulders, with suspenders, strapless grown or much more. We have opted for this clothes; what do you think? Follow us on Instagram (@lemontreny) to know the post of our new article!


Our particular white look

We have been saying that white total look will be the new trend for this summer. In the past Paris Fashion Week, we could saw how brands like Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy or Michael Kors. We emphasized this in our past article about What to wear this spring/summer season.

We have wore our personal total white look with the perfect platform shoes from No-Sé and a white dress from El Corte Inglés. In the Bridal Fashion Week catwalk we saw a model from YolanCris that wore an orange lipstick with the look, and it gave her a special touch that we personally love. We bought one similar colour in Nyx, in particular the Liquid Suede 05, and this was the final look. This season, MaxMara has bet for orange but the brand has applied it as eyeshadow.

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Pink & Red

There are two colour combinations that have been rejected by fashion victims. Maybe it’s for its approach on the chromatic range or maybe even for the society traditions; but nevertheless, we continue not being able to dare for the combination of this colours. These ones are, on one hand, black and blue and on the other, pink and red.


But this season people has decided to break with this tradition and wear awesome moods with just this two colours, pink and red, the ones that we though that were impossible to mixt. Even an important shopping centre in Spain as El Corte Inglés has opt for this new trend dressing it mannequins with just this two colours.


In our opinion, the mixture of this two strident colours well combined is awesome. It has to be said that if you decide to wear it you will not be unnoticed; but if you find the right way to join it, you can wear a marvellous look.


Here we add some pictures about outfits with both colours wore it by ‘it-girls’ and some looks from recent catwalks.


RIHANNAxMANOLO #denimdesserts

As we said in our past article, DENIM is the new must. The new collection launched today by Rihanna, the singer, with the known designer Manolo Blahnik it’s the perfect example. They present a denim high heel collection with six different models. Each model has been made in Italy and are going to be sold on New York, London and Hong Kong stores today. The hashtags from the collaboration are #RihannaxManolo and #DenimDesserts.

The most known shoe from the collection is the thigh-scraping boot with almond toe and stiletto heel finished with embroidered sequin trim and a jewel-buckled waist belt. Rihanna has posted a picture on her Instagram wearing them and there is a video on Manolo Blahnik’s web.


Talking about the models; each one has some characteristic from Rihanna joined with Manolo’s creations and most of all are available in two colours. For example; this ankle boot heel has been made inspired in the iconic Rihanna’s hand tattoo.



And that one has one of the favourite silhouette of Rihanna.



This strappy pump from the high heel Rihanna loves it.



Finally; they have upload in Manolo Blahnik web a video where appears Rihanna talking about the new creation with the designer. And we can find there the sketch from each shoe. We love this collaboration! Do you?


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Barcelona Bridal Week 2017

The past week, from 26 of April to 1st of May, has been the Barcelona Bridal Week 2016; you could have been informed through social networks as Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #bbfw16. It has been a whole week of haute couture in which most of all houses have been Spanish. It has been an opportunity for us to know Spanish fashion brands and take a look of how it is the industry of our country.


There has been 21 fashion shows and we have assisted to 17, all the shows that brands have invited us. We didn’t have the invitation to assist to Rosa Clará, Jesús Peiro, Naeem Khan and Pronovias’ fashion shows, four events that we will love to be invited next year. We have to mention that we were not enough informed from all the brands that paraded in the #bbfw16 and we have been impressed. Talking about fashion shows, most of the garments were for brides, but  the other ones where for celebrations. There has been one brand, Ramón Sanjurjo, that all their clothes where maid for grooms. In the following article we will talk about these shows that has made a big impact on us.  

In our first day, the second day of the Bridal Week, Carolina Tamborero was our first fashion show. One dress with a degraded orange leaves us speechless.  On Thursday 28 Galia Lahav, Isabel Zapardiez and Patricia Avendaño were astonishing; the three houses opt for elegance without letting us remind indifferent. Each of these collections have some daring touches that makes the garment be classic and original at the same time.  


The last day of the fashion shows, but not of the Bridal Week, Cymbeline and Carla Ruiz keep the level from the past days. Both houses mix their collection with baroque complements, giving a characteristic look to the outfit.  Sonia Peña closed the Bridal Week leaving the Pronovias’ fashion show to the night. It has to be said that almost in each look people was applauding, a sign of enthusiasm with the garment. Almost each model had an enormous Pamela hat; that was the perfect touch to show each terrific dress.


Almost each house has used braids for the models and double brace on dresses. Jordi Dalmau fashion show has been really moved; all the models where wearing dresses with enormous skirts and when they where in the front row with all the cameras they take it away. You are able to watch it through this link. Our favourite looks from all the Bridal Week has been the following ones.


During the fashion week we have been able to see known celebrities as Carolina Cerezuela, Nati Abascal, Chiara Ferragni or even Lucrecia Pérez Sáez. Now we will upload our looks that we were wearing on the Bridal Week, we hope you like it!