Karla Burgos; the spanish ‘it-girl’

We are glad to start our new page called Interview with the known blogger Karla Burgos. With just 18 years old she has achieved 42.000 followers on Instagram; the first nowadays social media. She was born in Ecuador, at present lives in Barcelona and on the interview confess that when she finishes her marketing course shee would love to leave two years in Paris to study the language. We will try to show which is the real Karla Burgos, how has she get here and which are her expectations.  She defines herself as a globetrotter.

She explains to us that in 2013 she started using Instagram; in that moment it was a new app known for few people; she used to post pictures of her outfits but when she realized that nobody had an account, she stopped using it. After half a year without having even the app in her mobile one day she decided to open it; 4.000 people was following her! It was unbelievable. Since that day she started using the app to become known among brands.  Two brands asked her if she would like to do a shooting with the Cazcarra group; since then the collaborations with brands has increased day by day.

Direct or Gmail are the ways that brands use to contact with her; it has to be mention that she does not accept all the collaborations, only the ones she likes the product; it’s an important point that distinguishes her. Some are payed and others not. Doing collaborations has helped her to be known, the clear example is that one day when she posts the photo in just one minute she achieved 100 new followers.

She wants to clarify that that is just a hobby; she doesn’t want to work in a future like a blogger or an ‘it-girl’.   Apart from this hobby she loves Surf; she started with that sport four years ago in Ecuador. Firstly, she was afraid but now she practices it when she can.

 She has been in the Woman Secret Madrid show; there she was with the known ‘it-girls’ Nina Urgell or Maria Pombo. And we can’t omit Elsa Pataky; all them gave her the advide to make increase the followers number. Moreover she has also assisted to the 080 Barcelona Fashion Weekn.

With Nina Urgell


 Her expectative for summer is achieve 50.000 followers on Instagram.  She uses to answer each comment or message that receive. For her, contact with people it’s the most important. We will finish this interview with random quickly questions.




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