Cristóbal Balenciaga, admired by Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy or Coco Chanel, was one of the greatest couturiers of all times; in his words: “a couturier must be an architect for design, a sculptor for shape, a painter for colour, a musician for harmony and a philosopher for temperance”.

Was born in Getaria (Basque Country) and raised by his mother, Martina, because of the early death of his father, who was a fisherman. She introduced him in the couture world due to her job of seamstress for important families. When he was a teenager he met the Marchioness de Casa Torres and she became his patron and customer. He started his training period in San Sebastian in well-known establishments like Casa Gómez or New England and then in Au Louvre department store in San Sebastian, which have him the opportunity to know Paris and the most famous Maisons.

In 1917 he opened his first boutique named C.Balenciaga in San Sebastian and in a very short period of time he gained a lot of prestige among Spanish and European royalty and upper classes. In 1927 set up a new company focused on the traditional high couture called Eisa Couture.



Because of the Civil War he was forced to move to Paris and his activity decreased, but on July 1937 he formed BALENCIAGA Company and on August he presented his first high couture collection, which had a lot of success. Two years later, was released a collection based on the XVII century fashion and on the Second French Empire. Moreover, one of the dresses that had a major favourable outcome was “Infanta” dress. It has to be said that he reinterpreted characteristic details typical of traditional Spanish fashion, such as gowns made with rich embroideries and braids, made references to the pictorial world.

1947 was the release date of the brand first perfume, Le Dix. As fashion is concerned, during the late forties and the early fifties he opted for volume and fluid lines instead of corsets. He presented the tonneau (barrel) line, which introduced a half-fitted suit with volume on the back and fitted on the front. In the mid-fifties launched the tunic, a two-piece dress of straight lines and in 1957 the sack dress. A year later, in 1958, he presented the baby doll dress and the peacock tail dresses. His creations were a revolution on the fashion industry of the moment and he was soon recognized the “king of the high couture”.

Balenciaga changed the lines of the suits and established short jackets and high waist pieces. Even his sport style was marked by elegance. His sure bets were low heel, skirts below the knees or quarter length sleeves.

In 1968 he retired after presenting his last collection and announced the closure of the Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian boutiques. Cristóbal Balenciaga died soon after, in 1972, and the brand remained on the obscurity.

Michel Goma tried to recover the brand in 1987 launching a prêt-à-porter line, but it doesn’t achieve the successful he expected. Five years later, Josephus Melchior Thimister presented another prêt-à-porter line based exclusively on black and ink blue, but again, it doesn’t receive excellent reviews from the fashion industry. Since the retirement and death of Balenciaga, the fashion brand lived thanks to its past glory and the perfumes.

1997 was the year that Nicolás Ghesquière arrived to the maison, and his first collections were characterized by black and the volume, following the origins of the brand. But the maximum success of the designer arrived in 2008 with his little dress and the two-pieces with floral print and puffy sleeves. Ghesquière wanted to transmit a new avant-garde image, renewing the spirit of the maison. He left the brand in 2012 and Alexander Wang took the design leadership and he received good reviews, but after the spring-summer 2016 collection the American designer announced his departure. Demna Gvasalia, from Vêtements, is the new creative director of Balenciaga.


first of nicolas
Nicolas Ghesquière
Reinterpretation of Balengiaga’s design made by Ghesquière
Alexander Wang

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Moschino Fresh, the dichotomy of high and low

Moschino-Fresh-Couture-with-Linda-EvangelistaMoschino Fresh couture is the second fragrance of the brand under the leadership of Jeremy Scott and it was released on November 2015, staring Linda Evangelista as the face of the due to the Spring 2016 fashion collection, as we said in a past article. Moreover, Jeremy Scott designed different garments or accessories for the Fresh Collection. Linda Evangelista was chose as the face of the product.

Basically, it stands out because of the bottle, which looks exactly like a window cleaner; even the liquid is blue. Nevertheless, the cap is not a real spray. The intention of the creators when they designed the fragrance was to “juxtapose the most mundane and commonplace of all products, the household cleaner, with something so precious – the juice of a luxury brand’s fragrance. Taking the iconography of a bottle that has no aspirational value and using it as the inspiration for a vessel to contain something so luxurious and haute couture, creates the ultimate dichotomy of high and low.”62000819hg_13_r

Despite having good vibes at the beginning, we have to say that the mixture of bergamot, ylang ylang at the top, raspberry and white peony at the heart and clear woods and patchouli at the base doesn’t result quite extraordinary. In fact, the fragrance isn’t fresh, is ordinary and in occasions it can be a little bit strong.

Moschino Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette is available in 30ml, 50ml and in 100ml.

Denim from head to toe

Who said denim can only be on trousers or jackets?

Denim has come to stay, as we said in a past article, but now on shoes, bags, belts or bikinis. A lot of brands have bet for this material for their garments and accessories, to give an urban or informal touch to the pieces. But of course, denim is still a trend in trousers, jackets, skirts or dresses. Some of the brands that have used denim are Michael Kors, Manolo Blahnik, Longchamp, Guess or H&M.

As bags is concerned, Michael Kors, Longchamp, Guess and Diesel have chosen sporty models meanwhile Manolo Blahnik has followed his classic pattern.


Manolo Blahnik, Michael Kors, Gianvito Rossi or Diesel are some of the ones who have bet for flats and heels.


Sneakers have been “victims” of the denim fever in hands of H&M, Diesel or Michael Kors.

Other accessories in denim…


Maison Valentino

Maison Valentino was established in 1960 in Rome. Valentino Garavani was de fashion designer that founded the brand with his business partner Giancarlo Giammetti. Everything started with the age of 17, he decided to move to Paris to follow his hobby in the École des Beaux-Arts. After that he worked in two important houses; Jacques Fath and Balenciaga, where he took the experience to found after his own company in Via Condotti, Rome.


His first collection was on 1961 and he presented 120 models. But one of his famous collections is the White Collection launched in 1968; after, Jackie Kenedy bought one of this white dresses for her wedding dress. It’s important to mention that the first Valentino’s perfume was launched in 1978 with the name Valentino Classique. 


 Important icons from the brand are; it initial V that was in all prêt-à-porter collections since 1968.  Zebra, giraffe and leopard prints are another symbol from this house. And of course we cannot omit the fantastic colour that he felt in love in a trip through Spain; red. As he said Red possibilities are infinitive so it’s definitely the colour that defines him. In general, we can define his designs as unique and special. The main characteristics of the brand are emphasizing the femininity body, luxury fabrics, the quality and the finished touches, but in general; conservative is the perfect word to describe it.  Bows, flounces and organza are others typical characteristics.



In 1998 the founder sold the brand but he continued being the creative director. But in 2008 he decided to retire; leaving a good impression on the fashion world with his last catwalk. Nowadays his bran is in 90 countries. The current Creative Directors since October 2008 are Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli. There is a film of Valentino’s life made it on 2009 called The Last Emperor. In 2011 Valentino made a collection with the known Spanish house Puig and launch Valentina; the fusion of Valentino V and Rock and Rose.  And finally, in 2012, a company from State of Qatar bough the total control of the Maison.

Nowadays, Valentino offers a wild range of luxury products from Haute Couture and Prêt-à-porter like bags, shoes, belts, eyewear’s, perfumes and much more things.

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Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner

The youngest from the KarJenner sisters has made one of her dreams come true.

Recently this 2016 has launched her Lip Kit from Kylie Cosmetics. It consist of a liquid lipstick and a lipliner duo that cost 29$ and now is available in 8 colours -they are all sold out, by the moment-. The first ones were Candy K, Dolce K and True Brown K. Shortly after were added Koko K, Posie K, Marie Jo K and 22, but the newest is Kourt K.

A lot of celebrities have tried them and wore them in events, not to mention her sisters or her mother, Kris Jenner.

For all of her fans, we have good news. Two days ago she launched three lip glosses (15$) alongside the advertisment video: Like, Literally and So Cute. But shortly after they were on sale, as it happens with the lip kits, were sold out. Kylie announced a restock of mattes and glosses very soon.


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[all images source: @kyliecosmetics and @kyliejenner]

Karla Burgos; the spanish ‘it-girl’

We are glad to start our new page called Interview with the known blogger Karla Burgos. With just 18 years old she has achieved 42.000 followers on Instagram; the first nowadays social media. She was born in Ecuador, at present lives in Barcelona and on the interview confess that when she finishes her marketing course shee would love to leave two years in Paris to study the language. We will try to show which is the real Karla Burgos, how has she get here and which are her expectations.  She defines herself as a globetrotter.

She explains to us that in 2013 she started using Instagram; in that moment it was a new app known for few people; she used to post pictures of her outfits but when she realized that nobody had an account, she stopped using it. After half a year without having even the app in her mobile one day she decided to open it; 4.000 people was following her! It was unbelievable. Since that day she started using the app to become known among brands.  Two brands asked her if she would like to do a shooting with the Cazcarra group; since then the collaborations with brands has increased day by day.

Direct or Gmail are the ways that brands use to contact with her; it has to be mention that she does not accept all the collaborations, only the ones she likes the product; it’s an important point that distinguishes her. Some are payed and others not. Doing collaborations has helped her to be known, the clear example is that one day when she posts the photo in just one minute she achieved 100 new followers.

She wants to clarify that that is just a hobby; she doesn’t want to work in a future like a blogger or an ‘it-girl’.   Apart from this hobby she loves Surf; she started with that sport four years ago in Ecuador. Firstly, she was afraid but now she practices it when she can.

 She has been in the Woman Secret Madrid show; there she was with the known ‘it-girls’ Nina Urgell or Maria Pombo. And we can’t omit Elsa Pataky; all them gave her the advide to make increase the followers number. Moreover she has also assisted to the 080 Barcelona Fashion Weekn.

With Nina Urgell


 Her expectative for summer is achieve 50.000 followers on Instagram.  She uses to answer each comment or message that receive. For her, contact with people it’s the most important. We will finish this interview with random quickly questions.