Wearing Denim everywhere, in every moment

This usual garment will be the new trend this following Spring/Summer season. Everyone has ones one in their wardrobes; but now this usual clothe it’s going to change, just a bit. This was what was showed in the past catwalks from the Spring/ Summer collection 2016, decorated denim will be a must. “Do it yourself” it would be the definition of the show.

The perfect example is the ‘it-girl’ Chiara Ferragni that has created her new Levis collection.

In the past Paris Fashion Week we could saw that Denim was the king of the street style. Talking about jeans we can find boyfriend, mom jeans, high or low waist, and much more; but this season it’s going to be different. It does not consist in the type of the jean the innovation consists on wearing all kind of jeans with something different; it can be adorned, broken or drawn; but it has to be different from all the others. In the street style of the past Paris Fashion Week we saw a unique and stunning jean; finally, we have found it and buy it. Take a look of our outfit, as you will see it can be wear in formal or informal style, we hope you like it!



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