Oscars 2016

This early morning has been the Oscars 2016, the 88th edition. The Best Actor and Actress category has been for Leonardo DiCaprio and Brie Larson. Best Director has been for Alejandro González Iñárritu. Best Suporting Actor/Actress has been for Marck Rylance and Alicia Vikander. And the Best film has been Spotlight. It has to be said that this Academy Awards has been a little bit strange, some actors and actresses has decided to not assist flattering that there are not enough black actors; this boycott has been leaded by Will Smith. Our intention is to analysis the attires from the assistants. We will say which have been our favourites, which have been excessive and our general opinion of the all night. After this article we will publish another with the outfits from the afterparty.

Charlize Theron with a Dior red dress with jewellery from Harry Winston, Alicia Vikander with a yellow Louis Vuitton dress, the strange Dorith Mous garment, the Armani Prive wear it by Kate Blanchet and Naomi Watts and Tom Ford’s dress wear it by Margot Robbie has been our favourite outfits.


We have also liked some outfits that some of the social media have criticise as dull dresses. We think that sometimes you can wear a dress without any overloaded detail but can be beatiful as well. This dresses are the Chanel’s from Daisy Ridley, the black dress from Marchesa wear it by Isla Fisher. And we cannot omit the amazing Versace wear it by Jennifer Garner.


But there has been ones that we haven’t like. Jennifer Lawrence has shocked us with her Dior dress because in the past Oscars showed a magnify good taste for the clothes, and this year all our expectative has been failed. Heidi Klum wore one dress from Marchesa that didn’t join with her skin like the Givenchy’s dress from Rooney Mara. Kerry Washington dressed by Versace has been for us too much; and Lily Cole with a Vivienne Westwood is over the top with the form and the colour. Olivia Wilde has wear a Valentino; it would be better without the chocker that in our opinion limit the dress.And finally the Cris Siriano dress from Maria Menounos made her look shorter.


And other outfits that has not been amazing has been Amy Poehler with an Andreu Gin, Sophia Vergara with a Marchesa, Liz Hernández dressed by Michael Costello and Louise Roe with one dress from Cris Siriano.


This 88th edition from  the Academy Awards has not been terrific as we though, there has been some oufits that has been for us better than the others but there isin’t the dress of the night. For us this gala has not been one to remember, talking about the garments of course. We want to congratulate to all the winners; they have done a really good job!

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