080 Bcn Fashion Week

This past week has been the 17th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week in La llotja del Mar. The 080 Bcn has been divided in five days; from Monday 01 to Friday 05. Each day has had in average 4 catwalks from different brands. We have had the pleasure to attend to some of the shows. The most important have been Custo Barcelona, Sita Murt, Naulover, Yerse and TCN. Each of the shows has showed us that all the clothes have in common some characteristics but of course there has been ones that has surprised us. We will analyse how has been the fashion show, how have we lived it and, of course, which is going to be the tendency in the following Autumn/Winter 2016. Of course we cannot forget to mention that some of the models of the show where too much slim exhibiting an unhealthy body; we think that brands will not have to choose them. With this brands make us think that are a normal body stereotype when they aren’t.

 Talking about the catwalk; muted colours are going to leave a mark in the following winter. Black and white, grey, khaki and beige are an example.


But there is one intense colour that has appeared in more than one catwalk, this one is the royal-blue.

And also the brick red.

The second characteristic is the Luxury Sport Style or the Urban style. Two types of clothes that are becoming the nowadays must. It consists of mix casual clothes like Jeans or Sporty jeans with some formal garment. This gives a different touch of glamour to your look. Some of the looks have shocked us; one is from Txell Miras and it nun clothes, another the homage from Miriam Ponsa to the first women aviator and we can’t forget the garment from Carlota Oms who uses the mountain tools and mix them with clothes.

Normally the clothes are simple and minimalist. Without any accessory that fill the garment. Wool, tweed, jacquard, suede and cashmere are the main knittings and materials.

Our favourites catwalks and of course clothes have been the ones from the brands Escorpion, Aldomartins, Lupo, Yerse, Manchén, Justicia Ruano, Sita Murt and the best of all for us has been VM by Sibèria. Here are some of the looks we are in love.

In the show two photographs from different magazines asked us if they could take pictures of our look so we will add what we wore in this 080 Bcn Fashion Week. This one has been our first time in a catwalk. We have reach one of our dreams!


3 thoughts on “080 Bcn Fashion Week

  1. […] started the blog with an aim and with just six months we have achieved! It was to assist to the Barcelona Fashion Week known as 080Bcn and we posted a special article with the outfits that we wore; we can’t omit that this article […]


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