The past 08 of January died probably one of the best musicians and composers on earth. His death has make a big impact on all the world, especially his fans, keeping in mind that he had published his new album Black Start two days before the date of his death.

Nowadays, all the houses are saying goodbye to him in different ways. One example are the Prada shoes that we can see in one of its shops; this one is from Barcelona. It’s inspired in the lightning that he wore on his face in Ziggy Stardust period. These days there is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin (MBFWB); models from Riani house have worn the same lightning in her faces. And on the Spring-Summer 2015-2016 collection, Gucci has made a wool long cardigan with his name at the back.

David Roberto Jones (his real name) was considerate an innovative and in all his work stand out his intellectual profundity. His music style varied as much as his characters and haircuts. It was known as “the chameleon man”.   The man with different colours on his eyes was the precursor of different things; but in speciality the fashion world. He was considerate the precursor of the androgyny that nowadays is the basis of the catwalk.

Jacket from Givenchy’s Spring Summer collection in 2009 look very much like the iconic jacket worn by David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust period. david-bowie-givenchy-jacket

The Thin White Duck was the main inspiration from Balmain Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 collection. It expressed the cabaret style that Bowie pass on.

Moreover, the outfit of David Bowie with the blue eye shadow from the Life on Mars was the main inspiration from Miu Miu’s blue eye shadow models in the fall winter 2012/2013 collection. The embossing, ties and platforms reminded us his style.

In addition, in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Summer 2013 collection we could see different looks inspired by the revel singer.

  It has to be said that Alexander McQueen get along well with the singer and on top of that; he designed the Union Jacket for him. union.png

The last time we could saw him in the fashion world was in a commercial from Louis Vuitton in 2013.

 David Bowie has and will continue being a revolutionary that has always been ahead of his time. Was a style and original mentor. David Bowie was able to see which would be the fashion that would come in the following years. Photographs smoking, heels with extreme platforms and transparency clothes were their best revelation; and time has shown us that he wasn’t wrong.

We can just express our gratitude for what he has done with the fashion world. We finish with some pictures of different famous people that has dressed like him. Lady Gaga, Bimba Bossé and the adorable Kate Moss transformed in the same Ziggy Stardust in Vogue’s cover.

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