The French brand was established at 1937 by Thierry Hermès. descarga (1)In the logo we can deduce the origins of the brand; the specialisation in horse and leather articles. The grandson of the founder, Emile-Maurice, inheritedthe brand and made it quickly rise to fameLater on the population renamed the brand from Hermès fastener to zip. This boomed the family business. In the 1880 a shop was opened in nº21 of the Rue du Faubourd Saint-Honoré. The first woman collection was in 1929; the first perfume in 1951 and the first kerchief was launch at 1937. Currently, the 46% of the business profits are gained via leather goods, another 21% from the accessories and another 12% from the silks and textiles.

Prêt-à-porter, accessories, perfumes, and even furniture are some of the articles that the brand used to sell, but there is one article that defines the trademark; the handbags. Each one is handmade made of waterproof leather and this is why they are unique andof such a quality. The two more requested are Kelly and Birkin models.


The first one, Kelly, was launched in 1930, the name originates from the Princess Grace Kelly. the production of one single handbag takes over twenty hours to make. kelly_de_hermes_2015_620x.jpgThe other one, Birkin, was a result of the conversation between the artist Jame Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, while they met at the airport. She was travelling with a bag made with straw because she told him that there weren’t any handbag that were big enough and still comfortable to carry around. The production in this bag takes 48 hoursand when you order it, you’ll have to wait another one to two years before it’ll arive.

Jean Paul Gaultier was the creative director and nowadays his role is taken over by Patrick Thomas. many of the workers are descendents from the original company founder so we can actually state that it is an enormous family company. unlike many other companies, they work against the stream and don’t make any announcements via celeberties or any of these aids. It has to be said that LVHM Company has tried a couple of times to acquire it, but Hermès seems to resist it.


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