The origin of thinner models

Leslie Lawson, known with the nickname Twiggy, has been one of the fashions icons of the 60s; and also has been the first international supermodel. In 1966 was named The Face of 1966 by an english newspaper called Daily Express. What we want to emphasize with this model and posterior actress and singer is that she has been the first to promote the nowadays prototype of the thin woman without curves. Her characteristic large eyes, long eyelashes, short hair and of course her thin build have been the new bases of perfection.


In the actuality, models that want to success in her careers have to be in a continuous diet and if  they have one kilo more that they shouldn’t have, it’s their death.

The big brands haven’t helped doing announcements which appears an anorexic model. With the fashion shows happens the same. One example is the announcement of Eau de parfum Sublime by Carolina Herrera. In this case the model is extremely thin.



In our opinion fashion world should make something to change this situation. Next to the thinner girls should be one with more curves, as we know, diversity it’s better.


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