abc2cbd93cdf1e02a088a92df634c9b0Franco Moschino was born in Italy in 1950, he took art classes at Academia di Belle Arti di Brera (Milan). Franco was a keen observer of the current art phenomena, from avant-guard to contemporary styles. Until 1983 he was working as a creative consultant with Aspesi, Blumarine and Cassoli. In 1983 he finally decided to create his own company trying to combine Surrealism and Dadaism. And his first boutique opened in Milan in 1989.

The main object of the brand was to create economic, useful and practical designs, but as we can see he obtained the opposed. Nowadays, the Moschino’s designs are defined like extravagant, funny and excessive.  He was used to combine existing elements in unexpected ways and this was his difference with all the others. He made provocative designs trying to send messages to the fashion world. In different occasions it has had problems with different brands like Chanel or Louis Vuitton for the indecent use of their images.


Franco Moschino launched his first autumn collection in a fair in Milan. Later opened a second line with the name Moschino Cheap&Chic focused with young people. descargaIn 1990, with the slogan “Stop the Fashion System” Moschino wanted to make evident the ostentation display of clothes in European fashion and decided to make an ironic picture of the iconic Chanel suit. In 1994 he launched his first ecologic collection with the name Ecouture, all the prints were made with environmental sound plant dyes.

Rosella Jardini worked as a Creative Director for the brand following the death of the inventor. She was a defender of her quote “Chic and freedom” trying to express that fashion hasn’t to take as seriously and has to be enjoyed. The Spring- Summer Collection 2011 it’s a clear example.Moschino Cheap Chic Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 2

In 2013 Jeramy Scott took on the role as a creative director. As his ancestors, he has catapulted the brand into the spotlight with slogan t-shirts, pop-culture phoncases and much more. Moschino has been spotted from Rita Ora or Miley Cyrus. One of his famous designs is the Barbie reinterpretation, the iconic logo of McDonalds or the new Spring-Summer Fall of 2016 with Fresh Couture and traffic signs as hats or handbags.

Moschino, the inventor, has managed to scandalise and cause shock wherever he went, and followed with the brand. He used the irony, sarcasm to poke fun at the fashion system. He also used the double meaning: Ready to wear? a play on Ready-to-wear (Prêt-à-porter). His successors have been following the same line with the aim to report the abuse of our society.



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