Chanel takes off

     As we have seen one month ago, in the Paris Fashion Week, the show of Chanel has been really shocking for almost everyone. The brand decided to make it in an airport, to be more accurate, in the Gran Palais from Paris with a decoration inspired in an airport. All the details were deeply though. There was a timetable with all the arrivals, a special place to check-in and in addition there were carts. There was a boarding gate without leaving the gate no 5.  Moreover, the ticket to Fashion Show was like a boarding pass. All had the logo of the brand.



Screenshot_2015-10-06-15-24-42 (1)When everybody and everything was sitting in the departure lounge the show started. The models as the  crew of the Chanel Airlines walked around the aisle from the airport exhibiting what would be the new spring season fall 2016.


    Some of the outfits were with in oversize cut with a sportswear inspiration. The superposition of different clothes is one of the ideas that Lagerfeld wanted to pass on. Classic and straight cuts in jackets, tweed coats and mix of textures and prints will be the new trend. It’s a break with a minimalist world.

2560_3000 (3)     2560_3000 (4)2560_3000 (8) rs_634x1024-151006084713-634-kendall-jenner-chanel-paris-fashion-week.l.s10615

As accessories, the brand has show caps, transparent ankle boots, “ugly shoes” sandals, pins with a plane shape and the famous Coco carrier.


Making this, the intention was to show that brands like Chanel, known by everybody like an exclusive brand only for special events, everybody can wear it in every place, even in our routines. Doing this special show lets us see that fashion world is everywhere, even in less though situations.



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