Carolina Herrera


images (2)María Carolina Josefina Pacaninis Niño was born in Caracas, Venezuela (1939). Her dad was the governor of Caracas. In the middle of a good position in the society, she was taught with a disciplined and strict education. With just 18 years old she get married with Guillermo Brehrens, eight years later they will break up, this turned Carolina into the first divorced girl in her family.  After this, in 1968 she will get married with a childhood friend called Reinaldo Herrera, who Carolina will inherit his surname witch it’s also the name of the brand.

Her first impression with the fashion world was when she was 13 years old, in an         exhibition of Balenciaga. 1981After getting married, she moved away with all her family to New York. There, with the endorsement of legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, Carolina Herrera showed her first collection (Fall 1981) at the Metropolitan Club in New York. 1986        Found the brand, her collections were based on sophisticated women. She is really careful with each detail; dresses and suit jackets are her must.
She became more famous when she made the wedding dress of Carolina Kennedy.  


In the following year she had agreements with Puig Company and in 1988 she launched her first unisex perfume, 212.

She has obtained lot of awards for her successful professional career one was in 2012, the Doctor Honoris Causa by the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).2004

It’s the symbol of elegance, exclusivity, luxury, originality and quality that makes us associate the brand with the typical New Yorker woman. We can find this example in the creator, she is the clear example of a classic and feminine woman. Her clothes aren’t just for the high society, are for all the women related with her style. Her must are the white shirts.

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Two of her four daughters are working nowadays in the company; one of them, Carolina Herrera de Baez, is the Design director.  Nowadays the brand has more than 280 shops around the word in more than 104 countries.

She have been always surrounded by important people and women exquisitely dressed. An example of her friends is Andy Warhol who painted her in more than two occasions.

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