The French brand was established at 1937 by Thierry Hermès. descarga (1)In the logo we can deduce the origins of the brand; the specialisation in horse and leather articles. The grandson of the founder, Emile-Maurice, inheritedthe brand and made it quickly rise to fameLater on the population renamed the brand from Hermès fastener to zip. This boomed the family business. In the 1880 a shop was opened in nº21 of the Rue du Faubourd Saint-Honoré. The first woman collection was in 1929; the first perfume in 1951 and the first kerchief was launch at 1937. Currently, the 46% of the business profits are gained via leather goods, another 21% from the accessories and another 12% from the silks and textiles.

Prêt-à-porter, accessories, perfumes, and even furniture are some of the articles that the brand used to sell, but there is one article that defines the trademark; the handbags. Each one is handmade made of waterproof leather and this is why they are unique andof such a quality. The two more requested are Kelly and Birkin models.


The first one, Kelly, was launched in 1930, the name originates from the Princess Grace Kelly. the production of one single handbag takes over twenty hours to make. kelly_de_hermes_2015_620x.jpgThe other one, Birkin, was a result of the conversation between the artist Jame Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, while they met at the airport. She was travelling with a bag made with straw because she told him that there weren’t any handbag that were big enough and still comfortable to carry around. The production in this bag takes 48 hoursand when you order it, you’ll have to wait another one to two years before it’ll arive.

Jean Paul Gaultier was the creative director and nowadays his role is taken over by Patrick Thomas. many of the workers are descendents from the original company founder so we can actually state that it is an enormous family company. unlike many other companies, they work against the stream and don’t make any announcements via celeberties or any of these aids. It has to be said that LVHM Company has tried a couple of times to acquire it, but Hermès seems to resist it.


Bimba & Lola

Bimba & Lola is a Spanish brand created by the sisters Uxía and María, nieces of Adolfo Dominguez, owner of the 80’s famous Spanish brand with the same name. Uxía and María opened their first shop in Bilbao in 2006, but it was created in 2005. It has to be said that their success has arrived in a short period of time, something unusual in this industry. In 2008 opened their first international shop in Paris and nowadays they have presence in more than 17 countries all over the world with 160 shops.


Now the greyhound is well known and it’s one of the most iconic and imitated logos. Moreover the brand owes the name to the pets of one of the owners.


As an affordable luxury brand, it offers products of high quality and modern designs in a reasonable price. Their offer goes from bags to shoes, clothes and purses, always following a design line; straight lines and geometric prints. Their garments seem to be comfortable for the active woman but without giving up the luxury touches that can distinguish her from the other women.


As we said before, it’s remarkable the enormous success the brand has achieved in a brief period of time despite growing in the economic crisis context.

The origin of thinner models

Leslie Lawson, known with the nickname Twiggy, has been one of the fashions icons of the 60s; and also has been the first international supermodel. In 1966 was named The Face of 1966 by an english newspaper called Daily Express. What we want to emphasize with this model and posterior actress and singer is that she has been the first to promote the nowadays prototype of the thin woman without curves. Her characteristic large eyes, long eyelashes, short hair and of course her thin build have been the new bases of perfection.


In the actuality, models that want to success in her careers have to be in a continuous diet and if  they have one kilo more that they shouldn’t have, it’s their death.

The big brands haven’t helped doing announcements which appears an anorexic model. With the fashion shows happens the same. One example is the announcement of Eau de parfum Sublime by Carolina Herrera. In this case the model is extremely thin.



In our opinion fashion world should make something to change this situation. Next to the thinner girls should be one with more curves, as we know, diversity it’s better.


abc2cbd93cdf1e02a088a92df634c9b0Franco Moschino was born in Italy in 1950, he took art classes at Academia di Belle Arti di Brera (Milan). Franco was a keen observer of the current art phenomena, from avant-guard to contemporary styles. Until 1983 he was working as a creative consultant with Aspesi, Blumarine and Cassoli. In 1983 he finally decided to create his own company trying to combine Surrealism and Dadaism. And his first boutique opened in Milan in 1989.

The main object of the brand was to create economic, useful and practical designs, but as we can see he obtained the opposed. Nowadays, the Moschino’s designs are defined like extravagant, funny and excessive.  He was used to combine existing elements in unexpected ways and this was his difference with all the others. He made provocative designs trying to send messages to the fashion world. In different occasions it has had problems with different brands like Chanel or Louis Vuitton for the indecent use of their images.


Franco Moschino launched his first autumn collection in a fair in Milan. Later opened a second line with the name Moschino Cheap&Chic focused with young people. descargaIn 1990, with the slogan “Stop the Fashion System” Moschino wanted to make evident the ostentation display of clothes in European fashion and decided to make an ironic picture of the iconic Chanel suit. In 1994 he launched his first ecologic collection with the name Ecouture, all the prints were made with environmental sound plant dyes.

Rosella Jardini worked as a Creative Director for the brand following the death of the inventor. She was a defender of her quote “Chic and freedom” trying to express that fashion hasn’t to take as seriously and has to be enjoyed. The Spring- Summer Collection 2011 it’s a clear example.Moschino Cheap Chic Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 2

In 2013 Jeramy Scott took on the role as a creative director. As his ancestors, he has catapulted the brand into the spotlight with slogan t-shirts, pop-culture phoncases and much more. Moschino has been spotted from Rita Ora or Miley Cyrus. One of his famous designs is the Barbie reinterpretation, the iconic logo of McDonalds or the new Spring-Summer Fall of 2016 with Fresh Couture and traffic signs as hats or handbags.

Moschino, the inventor, has managed to scandalise and cause shock wherever he went, and followed with the brand. He used the irony, sarcasm to poke fun at the fashion system. He also used the double meaning: Ready to wear? a play on Ready-to-wear (Prêt-à-porter). His successors have been following the same line with the aim to report the abuse of our society.


Michael Kors

Karl Anderson Jr. was born in 1959 in Long Island, New York,michael-kors_vogue_12apr13_pr_b but when his mother remarried Bill Kors he changed his name to Michael David Kors. It has to be said that since little Kors had an interest on fashion, with only five years he designed his mother wedding dress. Some say that maybe this passion is due to the fact that his mother was a former model and he was constantly in touch with this world. Being a teenager he designed clothes and sold them at the Iron Butterfly, his parent’s basement. In 1977 he began to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology but he leaved the studies after nine months in order to work in Lothar, a small fashion boutique across from Bergdorf Goodman, where he was given a space to sell his designs.

With twenty one years-old, in 1981, he created his own brand called as we know it nowadays, Michael Kors, and opened his first shop in New York for women and men. In his lines he bets for the American comfort and simplicity merged with European glamour and elegance. His womenswear line was launched at Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue


He faced in 1993 a bankruptcy and in 1997 entered in the French maison Céline as its creative director but he combined it with his job in his own brand until 2004, when he decided to focus on Michael Kors in order to diversify his lines. In 2001 went into the accessorize world and nowadays his Tote bags, shoes, sunglasses, jewels and “boyfriend” watches are well known all around the world.

A-Girl-A-Style-_-Michael-Kors-3 street_watches_reloj_mujer_michael_kors_referencia_mk5605

Michael Kors is widely known as a designer in the States because he has achieved his goal to create a sophisticated and elegant image for those active women who claim for comfort and functional designs. Therefore, his catwalks are full of looks that combine practical garments with a touch of sophistication or as he says “European luxury”. To offer high quality and elegant designs in an affordable price is another of his aims.


The brand is all around the world with shops in fifty countries and in the most prestigious cities as New York, London, Milano, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai or Barcelona among others and some of his clients are Sigourney Weaver, Julianne Moore or Gwyneth Paltrow.

Chanel takes off

     As we have seen one month ago, in the Paris Fashion Week, the show of Chanel has been really shocking for almost everyone. The brand decided to make it in an airport, to be more accurate, in the Gran Palais from Paris with a decoration inspired in an airport. All the details were deeply though. There was a timetable with all the arrivals, a special place to check-in and in addition there were carts. There was a boarding gate without leaving the gate no 5.  Moreover, the ticket to Fashion Show was like a boarding pass. All had the logo of the brand.



Screenshot_2015-10-06-15-24-42 (1)When everybody and everything was sitting in the departure lounge the show started. The models as the  crew of the Chanel Airlines walked around the aisle from the airport exhibiting what would be the new spring season fall 2016.


    Some of the outfits were with in oversize cut with a sportswear inspiration. The superposition of different clothes is one of the ideas that Lagerfeld wanted to pass on. Classic and straight cuts in jackets, tweed coats and mix of textures and prints will be the new trend. It’s a break with a minimalist world.

2560_3000 (3)     2560_3000 (4)2560_3000 (8) rs_634x1024-151006084713-634-kendall-jenner-chanel-paris-fashion-week.l.s10615

As accessories, the brand has show caps, transparent ankle boots, “ugly shoes” sandals, pins with a plane shape and the famous Coco carrier.


Making this, the intention was to show that brands like Chanel, known by everybody like an exclusive brand only for special events, everybody can wear it in every place, even in our routines. Doing this special show lets us see that fashion world is everywhere, even in less though situations.


Balmain for H&M

Every year H&M does a collaboration collection with a well-known brand, for example Karl Lagerfeld, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang or Versace. This year it is Balmain’s turn. Since this morning you can shop online and in selected establishments. In the line Oliver Rousteing has created for H&M, first presented in the Billboard Awards, predominates black but with brushstrokes of yellow, green and pink. It has to be said that the line is focused on the winter nights with sequined dresses also decorated with pearls and much more. The fabrics used for the collection are satin and velvet, among others.

The exit of this kind of collaborations is to offer pieces designed by great designers in affordable prices.

Here we show you some pieces of the collection of Balmain for H&M.

 descarga (1)

balmain-hm-kendall-gigi-2-w724 original

balmain_x_hm_9758_544x 650_1200


1444905916_950365_1444909033_sumario_normal 1444905916_950365_1444911458_sumario_normal

Carolina Herrera


images (2)María Carolina Josefina Pacaninis Niño was born in Caracas, Venezuela (1939). Her dad was the governor of Caracas. In the middle of a good position in the society, she was taught with a disciplined and strict education. With just 18 years old she get married with Guillermo Brehrens, eight years later they will break up, this turned Carolina into the first divorced girl in her family.  After this, in 1968 she will get married with a childhood friend called Reinaldo Herrera, who Carolina will inherit his surname witch it’s also the name of the brand.

Her first impression with the fashion world was when she was 13 years old, in an         exhibition of Balenciaga. 1981After getting married, she moved away with all her family to New York. There, with the endorsement of legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, Carolina Herrera showed her first collection (Fall 1981) at the Metropolitan Club in New York. 1986        Found the brand, her collections were based on sophisticated women. She is really careful with each detail; dresses and suit jackets are her must.
She became more famous when she made the wedding dress of Carolina Kennedy.  


In the following year she had agreements with Puig Company and in 1988 she launched her first unisex perfume, 212.

She has obtained lot of awards for her successful professional career one was in 2012, the Doctor Honoris Causa by the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).2004

It’s the symbol of elegance, exclusivity, luxury, originality and quality that makes us associate the brand with the typical New Yorker woman. We can find this example in the creator, she is the clear example of a classic and feminine woman. Her clothes aren’t just for the high society, are for all the women related with her style. Her must are the white shirts.

images (1)

Two of her four daughters are working nowadays in the company; one of them, Carolina Herrera de Baez, is the Design director.  Nowadays the brand has more than 280 shops around the word in more than 104 countries.

She have been always surrounded by important people and women exquisitely dressed. An example of her friends is Andy Warhol who painted her in more than two occasions.

  timthumbimages (3)