ELSA SCHIAPARELLI; the Coco’s adversary

descargaBorn in an aristocrat family, Elsa was a child when the first publication of Vogue USA Magazine appeared and Gabriel Chanel opened her first boutique in Paris. At 1927 present her first collection inventing an special clothes that nowadays are known like “Easy Wear”. In addition, in 1939, she introduced the first zipper in haute couture and jupe-culotte in 1931. Since then, she designed clothes showing a surrealistic and avant-garde influence. She worked with Salvador Dalí and Jean Cocteau. It’s important to mention that was the main adversary with Coco Chanel.

schiaparelli-shoe-hatSkeletondressdescarga (1)

Lobster, tears and skeleton dresses are one of her most famous piece of clothing. Of course we can’t forget the shoe-shaped hat, this make an impact on the society of that time. Moreover, she was the inventor of the shocking pink (fucsia) and created the Schocking fragrance in 1937.

image_9shock descarga

To sum up, it’s important to emphasize that Schiap, known in this way by her friends, was a totally visionary and decided to break with all the rules from their times. She created so much items really important in nowadays fashion industry and despite this, hardly someone knows her.


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