descarga (2)Mario Prada created in 1913 a leather industry called Fratelli Prada (brothers Prada). He converts the industry into the main supplier of the Italian royal family. He had two shops in Milan where you could find articles
like trunks, handbags, bags and shoes; everything made with walrus leather. In 1919 the brand becomes popular among the European elite. Later, they realized that this kind of leather wasn’t useful so they decided to opt for accessories and bags and handbags made with waterproof leather. PRADAThe granddaughter of the shopkeeper obtain the degree of Political  Science and entered into the Communist Party in 1970. Eight years later, Miuccia Prada (María Bianchi) will pick up the reins of the artistic direction in the brand.  Afterwards, she gets married with Patrizio Bertelli, who will manage the business. Nylon handbagThe new business director provided a novel and certain style, the clear example was the presentation in 1985 of one classic and simple handbag made with black nylon.

descarga (1)

Gucci was the competitor number one, some of the losses of the brand where for the competition with it. But Miuccia knew how to react and in 1989 introduce the prêt-à-porter in the luxury sector. She presented elegant and temperate clothes. Garment with lines, basic colours and luxury and high quality fabrics where the new tendency. This made de brand be the most recognized in the world.

miu miuAt 1993 the designer created a second economic informal and youthful brand called MiuMiu, the name was conceived from Miucca Prada’s family nickname.  Earthy tones and prints where different from the principal brand that used to be more elegant with classic colours like black and white. In the nineties the brand acquires Fendi but later, in a period of economic difficulties, had to been sold to LVHM multinational.  In 2003 started to commercialise perfumes with Puig. And finally enter in the stock market in 2007.

Miucca has been always a revolution in fashion industry, she has always defend that fashion has to focus on freedom of definition rather than sex appeal. She was the first to choose actresses to be the image of the season, and has always linked the world of fashion with the architecture and the design. A Prada miniboutique in a remote stretch in US is the clear example.descarga Finally, she decided to resign and let Carlo Mazzi be the new president of the brand and she the executive director of the group. Prada's logo, spanish company.As a curiosity, one Spanish company has the patent of the name Prada and has created a web ( where they sell all kind of items under that name, some people buy without knowing that it’s not the real fashion brand from Miuccia Prada.


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