Liquid tights

In 1935 W. Carthers invented what would be the new revolution, Nylon.images A new silk made with synthetic fiber that was made by a material more durable and soft than the previous tights.  The vice chairman of the company Dupont, Charles Stire, in 1939 show up a sample of nylon tights in the New York World’s fair announcing the day of its sale, that day would gone down in history like the N Day (May 15, 1940). Five million pairs were sold in U.S just in four days and sixty-four million in the first year. When the Second World War breaks out, the Nylon was rationed by the government of the U.S for parachutes, ropes and nets. In difficult times for everybody, women began to look for alternatives until they decided to paint their legs to look like they were wearing ones. medias-pintadas-curiosidades-mundo-moda-3-536x420 They painted their legs with a special make-up for legs with a flesh tone brighter than their natural color and they use a black pencil to paint what should be the steam. Later, when several women used to do it, a company started to manufacture and sell a gadget that which made it easier to draw the line of the steam and make it more straight and credible. threaded-paint-on-stockings-corbis-575In addition, Helena de Rubinstein opened a store in 1942 called Bare-leg Bar located in the 5th Avenue where women could go and someone would paint their legs. Besides this, when the war was finished, Macy’s return to sell the nylon tights, in just six hours 50.000 pairs where sold.  Over the years, when everything was back to normal, appeared on the market the lycra. A material that could be stretch seven times more than nylon and was more resistible.   Nowadays, celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce and Rihanna, sometimes wear a pair of nylon tights in some parties just to show up to the world a piece of clothing that will always be considered a luxury.
medias-pintadas-curiosidades-mundo-moda-2-350x420   medias-pintadas-curiosidades-mundo-moda-1-500x403


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  1. Such an interesting piece!! You guys are doing great, keep your energies and your motivation up.
    Looking foward to reading your next articles.
    My best wishes.

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