Banana Republic & Gap

Walking around Harlem, after having gone to a great gospel, I saw the Gap Factory in front of Banana Republic factory Store. Both of them are the same American multinational corporation. The original tourist-oriented items from Banana republic were replaced with more luxurious items when Gap Inc. acquired the brand in 1983.

Banana Republic Factory StoreIn the shop, talking about woman’s clothes, most of the collection was work clothes and formal wear. Cotton shirts in almost every color, sober dresses and plain jackets are the common pattern of the brand.

The brand is clearly focused for workers with a good standard of living.

Jaquet from Banana Republic        mannequin from Banana Republic

Gap is a brand for younger people, clothes are made with durable material and less fragile, clothes in general have Gap Factory Storemore flashy colors and patterns. Luckily, I went one of the days of the clearance sale so I could buy things at a low price. One coat was worth 90$ as original price and I buy it for 32$. It was a completely bargain.


Here I add some pictures from the shops of both brands and also photographs of what I bough. Hope you like it!



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