Moschino Fresh Couture

As we have seen, Moschino has released three items from the Moschino Spring 2016.


It consistis in a Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette short dress, $415, a Fresh Couture backpack, $795 and a Fresh Couture phone case, $95. Beside being too expensive for what is it, we can see a pure advertising intention that reflects the consumerist society where we live; purely capitalist, in the worst senseof the word.

It has not taken even a second that famous people from this word have posted on social networks photos with the new trend. An example can be Chiara Ferragni with the phone case and the model Soo Joo.

Soo Joo Park and CL


By the moment this Eau de Toilette doesn’t exist, but who knows what happens at Jeremy’s Scott head. Nobody knows if this would be the new Eau de Toilet from Moschino or will be another joke from the flamboyant designer.


3 thoughts on “Moschino Fresh Couture

  1. […] The English designer always surprises us and we’re always wondering what’s next. Jeremy Scott brings fashion to another level, where daily objects become fashion. Although some of the garments can be funny or original, others can be misunderstand, such as the Fresh couture line. […]


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